We all sit with an issue. It’s an energy that creates a disconnect from our true selves, and our passion, interrupting our ability to move forward in a particular arena or arenas of our lives. Sometimes it keeps us awake at night. Distracts our focus away from the moment. Compels us to eat or drink or do other self-soothing things. I hear you. I have these, too. And, I have some pretty stellar tools for transforming these things that I would love to share with you.

Why choose me, when there are so many others doing “energy medicine” or shamanic healing?

First of all, I am one of just a handful of people who engages sound with my shamanism and constellation work in a significant & powerful way. All of my shamanic services call sound into the ceremony with you in the most potent way. There is no reservation or shyness (this I am finding is rare) about using the most accurate sound healing tool–my voice.

Second of all, I have studied and work with a variety of healing and personal growth modalities. I sat with a channeler for 5 years, and gained insight about how the universe, energy and people work. I studied personal effectiveness with Context Associated, which taught me about human behavior, motivation, and techniques for transformation and manifestation. From my own personal physical and psychological challenges, I have learned key components to sustainable healing. I have studied and been attuned to nature, the science and spirituality of ecology, and utilize this attunement to bring the gifts of Mother Earth into our healing ceremonies. And my long history of facilitating learning experiences–in the outdoors, and in the mystical inner realms–supports a rich array of courses, circles, ceremonies and sessions that inspire upward, inward and outward expansion.

Sound gets in and does work in a way that no other medium of healing can do. Intentional, spirit-guided sound interpenetrates the physical structures of your body—resonating therein and causing the vibrations of your organs, neurons, glands, DNA, muscles, bones, to readjust back to their nascent healthy frequencies, bringing the symphony that is you back into energetic alignment. Sound carries power and wisdom into your mind, helping to support constructive beliefs and parts of your story that serve you, and extract and shift unsupportive beliefs and parts of your story that detract from supporting you to get what you want, what you need. Sound sends the spirits out onto your path, orchestrating the adjustments, alignment, ascension of the energy matrices that form your life circumstances, helping you step into the more powerful, happy healthy you.

SO, you want someone with deep experience for the most powerful outcome with manifesting health and well-being, your dreams and visions.

I have studied and practiced for almost 2 decades with the best of the best shamans and sound healers. I have been studying and practicing shamanism since 1998, incorporated singing into my work in 2000, and started studying practicing sound healing since 2003. Ceremony is a fundamental component to my life, and have helped purify my heart and personality. This highly refined state of personal healing, as well as exposure to a vast array of power and wisdom places serves you by offering the least amount of ego filtering possible for the power and wisdom to come directly to you.

And, so, most significantly, the time I have spent in session with people like you—my clients, and with the hundreds (thousands?) of sound circle and course participants—you, they have all enriched my understanding of how energy and the universe work, and have taught me about relationships—the ecology of the soul. Every session and course and circle is training, research into the adventure of healing on this planet with sound, spirit, soul. I hold your soul, consciousness and heart very tenderly, and honor the time and resources it takes to come into my healing space. And how much courage and drive. And I thank you, and bow deeply to you, in advance.

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