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Shamanic Sound Intensive

October 1 @ 6:00 pm - October 3 @ 4:00 pm


October 1st -3rd 

Friday 6:00-9:00;  Saturday & Sunday 10-12, 1-4 

Yearn in the presence of Spirit and Sound to manifest and shift in your livingness, and enhance your healing skills–shamanism, Reiki, any energy medicine practice.

Sound has an amazingly magical way of sending our yearnings out into the loving universe, and calling, creating, manifesting those yearnings into form. As Tom Kenyon, master sound healer has found that SOUND IS A CARRIER WAVE OF INTENTION. And, when we fold in the participation of our divine support– spirit guides, power animals, deities, angels–the effects are magnified. Sound made in the presence of these emissaries of the divine is encoded with spiritual wisdom and power. These move through us, into our energy and material fields, facilitating shifts of monumental proportions in our physicality, mentality, spirituality.

My intention for this Sound intensive is to cultivate a safe, potent, intimate container in which to presence issues and topics most pressing to each participant, and embarking on an adventure together where we explore utilizing spiritual support and intentional sound to bring those issues and topics to a higher vibrational ascendency.

We will…

…use percussive instruments (drums, rattles, other creative options—vitamin bottles, eg.) to shift consciousness and energy matrices;

…embark on singing journeys and meditations for invoking spiritual assistance;

…break up and shed unhelpful, impeding energies, and call in supportive, fruitful energies.

…connect with and rediscover the power of vocal sounds for shifting and healing.

…use word doctoring, humming, toning, to induce meditative and transcendent states of being.

…sharpen alert awareness and manifest through sound, generated by/channeled through singing bowls and coherent vocals.

And, we will all be listenative!


Limited to 20 people

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Shamanic Sound Healing Core Goals & Outcomes 

All of my courses and events hold these hopes, goals, blessings for all who join me. Shamanic sound healing courses and events offer opportunities for us to:

 Come into a more potent vibrational relationship and exchange with our helping Spirits and the Divine

When we make sound with our voices in particular, our whole physicality vibrates. We are acutely alert, listening, feeling Spirit move through us as we pray, bless, thank, engage in healing. This training helps one become an instrument that responds to and converses with the divine realms through intentional sound.

Prepare more consciously and powerfully our energy field, mind, body, soul, and sacred spaces for our healing ceremonies

As we step into the healing hoop, we can comfortably, confidently, powerfully use sound—singing, toning, chanting, speaking, rattling, drumming, bowling– to energetically open to, charge with, and channel currents of spiritual power and wisdom.

Change our states of consciousness for accessing Non-Ordinary Reality

 We become more comfortable (and deeply intrigued!) with using our voices to entrance us and others. We learn how follow our voice into our journeys.

Amplify the effectiveness and potency of our shamanic healing procedures through knowledgeable and effective use of intentional vibratory frequencies (especially our voices).

We focus especially on creating a partnership between our voices, and other instruments, and learn new dimensions and textures to the compassionate universe in which we do our healing and learning.

Tap into the wise, vibrating, creative universe to manifest new fruitful matrices, structures, circumstances, realities, formations of energy and matter.

We become attuned to our powerful energetic self, both individuated from and blended with the Divine, serving as a conduit, antennae, instrument for change through intentional, spirit-guided sound.


October 1 @ 6:00 pm
October 3 @ 4:00 pm