About My Course Work

My goal is to provide a safe, spirit-filled container where we co-create experiences of expansion, connection with our helping spirits, rejuvenation through sound and metaphysical magic, and interfacing with Nature. Healing and learning happen simultaneously, as we use our yearnings and where we are in the moment as the focus for the exercises and ceremonies we engage in. I bring my experience with soul retrieval, extraction, and other shamanic techniques, soul constellation, and personal effectiveness training into the space, providing gentle coaching or feedback when needed. We collaborate with your experience and knowledge to create personal and professional development that is sustainable, fun, and potent.

Coursework, Circles and Ceremonies

Sound gets in and does work in a way that no other medium of healing can do. Intentional, spirit-guided sound interpenetrates the physical structures of your body—resonating therein and causing the vibrations of your organs, neurons, glands, DNA, muscles, bones, to readjust back to their nascent healthy frequencies, bringing the symphony that is you back into energetic alignment. Sound carries power and wisdom into your mind, helping to support constructive beliefs and parts of your story that serve you, and extract and shift unsupportive beliefs and parts of your story that detract from your health and well-being. Sound sends your prayers and the spirits out ahead of you on your path, orchestrating the adjustments, alignment, ascension of the energy matrices that form your life circumstances, helping you step into the more powerful, happy healthy you.

Shamanic sound healing reinforces the understanding that traditional shamanism uses sound as the gateway to the Divine. Information and healing from the divine spiritual realms are most powerfully channeled through us using sound.  When we invite the wisdom and power of compassionate helping spirits to collaborate with us while we make sound, the results are stunningly magnified, far-reaching, unfathomable in the most wonderful way.

Engaging in shamanic sound healing is a mystical, creative, liberating experience. You can be an Agent of shamanic Sound Healing whether you need healing, or would like to bring intentional sound and Spirit into your every day or professional life. Together we experiment and explore sound as a central creative force, and develop our relationships with our divine helping spirits. We collaborate to create, transform, and manifest for ourselves, our family, community, Earth.

Courses Offered

• Shamanic Sound Healing: 10-week, 4 month, 5 month Series
• Shamanic Sound Intensive
• Advanced Shamanic Sound Healing weekends and study groups
• Open Sound Circles
• Bird Language
• Day of Toning
• Celtic Shaman’s Ritual of Service
• Soul and Family Constellations Circles
• Voice Empowerment Ceremonies and Training

We play with our power animals, commune with our teaching spirits and guides, we enjoy being in community, we work on each other and ourselves, we explore and make new discoveries about the magic of sound and shamanism. Our voices, rattles, drums, singing bowls, bells, sounds from nature all contribute to setting healing intentions into motion. Our mastery for manifesting expands. We trust deeply in the magic we are creating in the universe, for our own behalf, and that of others, the Earth. The use of Zoom and telepathy has become incredibly powerful for my continuing to offer all of these courses and events during the pandemic.