April 29, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Hidden Lake Retreat
24004 SE Crane Rd
Eagle Creek, OR 97022
$95/$350 is you stay at HLR and do the Bird class

Immerse yourself into your own spirituality and the spirits of Nature to gain power and wisdom about your own personal medicine wheel. We will utilizing an ancient technology–the medicine wheel template–that is a part of cosmologies throughout the world. You will have the opportunity to build your own medicine wheel that can support and guide you on your unique earth walk.

The awakened spiritual life force at Hidden Lake offers a powerful environment to encounter nature at a new level, using all of your senses.

We invite wisdom and power from the 6 directions, and walk with beauty, inner and outer. The process is instigated in a game-like format that is stimulating, fun, and illuminating.

$95 for the day; BYO lunch.

Stay at Hidden Lake and immerse yourself in bird language the following day $350.

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