April 6, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – April 8, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Hidden Lake Retreat
24004 SE Crane Rd
Eagle Creek, OR 97022
Lauri Shainsky
Shamanic Sound Intensive Spring 2018 @ Hidden Lake Retreat | Eagle Creek | Oregon | United States

Facilitated by Dr. Lauri Shainsky, Associate Teacher and Healer, LightSong  School of Shamanic Studies, & Hidden Lake Retreat, Inc.  

This intensive designed to immerse people in spirit-guided sound healing. Whether you are seeking to add sound to your toolbag of skills or to accomplish some healing, you will have the opportunity to surrender into a spirit-filled, safe container with other like-hearted people and explore the magic of sound. Healing and learning happen simultaneously.  Topics and processes are tailored to you, the participant, and to what is most relevant and pressing for you at this time.

The Intensive is designed to help people: 

  • Expand their abilities to use their sacred voice for creating shifts in consciousness and well-being, and setting intentions into motion 
  • Be a clearer and more open channel for bringing power and wisdom to your life, the life of those around you, and to Earth 
  • Connect more deeply with the spiritual realms and utilize the messages coming from these landscapes in Non-Ordinary Reality 
  • Be more open to receiving and transmitting healing sound & 
  • Bring more creative power and manifestation into their daily lives through sound & song 

This workshop is fully experiential and will facilitate your learning, your healing, and your expansion in shamanism and sound healing, and most importantly, in your Human Beingness. We will be doing dyads and triads, ceremony and exploration. This is a completely hands-on experience. Ceremony, initiations, good nourishing food, community, laughter and nature all contribute to your fulfillment through learning and healing. Journeying skills are highly recommended but not required. 

My style of facilitation is spontaneous, spirit-directed according to what they notice about your needs, non-hierarchical, fun-loving, and supportive. 

New material will be presented so people who have attended past intensives will absolutely learn new things!!! This course is part of the LightSong School of Shamanism’s curriculum and satisfies elective requirements for the LightSong accredited advanced programs.

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