January 19, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Hidden Lake Retreat
24004 SE Crane Rd
Eagle Creek, OR 97022
By donation ($20-50)
Lauri Shainsky

We send a heart-felt voice into our new year to create and manifest what our hearts most desire. This safe, creative circle is meant to help people gain experience and confidence in experimenting and exploring the magic of sound, especially our sacred voices, and manifesting some healing for themselves, Earth.

We form those essential connections with the divine realms (spirit guides, power animals, deities, helping compassionate spirits, +) as we tenderize ourselves to receive the fullness of life that we are stepping into in 2019.

During this circle, we will be working with messages that came in during the solstice/cold moon:

I had the honor of pouring the LightSong community Winter Solstice Sweat Lodge. Through the preparation and during the ceremony, these potent messages and points of inquiry came in. (You can read the details in my blog)
East–Cultivating faith for the coming of the light
South–what is your passion, how are you pursuing it, and how can we clear obstacles and obscurations to being in that song.
West–honoring the teacher within–your personal akasha, and cultivating receptivity to further teachings
North–Cultivating and habituating the authentic abundance mentality.

We gather with our intentions, call in the spirits, then embark on an uplifting time of sound through chanting, toning, playing singing bowls, rattles, hand drums. We notice how our compassionate benevolent helpers swoop in to orchestrate our yearnings for change, healing, creating. We laugh and enjoy community, as our body-mind-soul system rises in vibration. We welcome the 4 directions and their medicinal qualities as we begin our walk around the 2019 wheel of our life.

No previous experience, all are welcome.

By donation ($20-50)

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