August 4, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Hidden Lake Retreat
24004 SE Crane Rd
Eagle Creek, OR 97022

Enjoy a day in nature at glorious Hidden Lake, where there are at least 14 different species of trees. They stand and hold and nourish and eminate divine wisdom. 

Trees have been the center of countless cosmologies around the world. We give ourselves the luscious opportunity to spend the day communiing and attuning to these standing wise guiding spirits in solid beautiful form. What a gift and luxury to sit at their feet, listen to what they want to share with each of us. In turn, we offer them a heart song, a soul song, some cornmeal or tobacco. A sacred exchange. 

Invite your soul’s sounds, & the wisdom & power therein, to connect with the spirit & nature of trees. Trees are amazing teachers about how to manifest. They take star energy from the sun, & earth energy—formlessness to form. Learn from them the magic of manifesting that we are all capable of. Receive the blessings of their power and wisdom, becoming attuned to these masters for rejuvenation and nourishment. 


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