About My CourseWork

My goal is to provide a safe, spirit-filled container where we can co-create experiences of expansion, connection with our helping spirits, immersion in Nature, rejuvenation through sound and metaphysical magic. We join our wisdom and power together to learn while we heal. Heal while we learn, using our current yearnings, states of being, as the focus for the sound processes we engage in. I bring my experience with soul retrieval, extraction, and other shamanic techniques, soul constellation, and personal effectiveness training into the space. We blend these with your experience and knowledge, to create personal and professional development that is sustainable, fun, and potent.

What people say about my courses and circles:

“So when someone asks me about Shamanic Sound Healing and taking your classes… I respond by saying that Shamanic Sound healing is different than  tuning forks or just lying in a yoga studio receiving sound. That in a class we become participants and are having an experiential co-creative learning process, where we learn to truly get out of our way and allow spirit and our guides to flow through us guided by intentional sound with wisdom, love, intelligence, spirit… we harness the energy as “power” which in turn we direct to have a healing effect on ourselves and whoever we are working with. We are do many different shamanic journeys and acquire new allies. We go through different ceremonies that allow us to find our own voice, guided by spirit and these new allies. We also learn different shamanic extraction and filling methods to where we use sound as a valuable tool that intensifies other methods we may have learned in other classes, and that the sound component administers the healing in such a beautiful and tangible way.” A.T. Long time co-creator in Shamanic Sound Healing coursework
And when I am talking about being in a community sound circle, I always state that it is very different that going to a yoga studio and just lying on a mat receiving sound, that we gather for an intended purpose and co-create a circle that can involve different shamanic practices and healing methods. And that it can be much more participatory and active and yet there is also a component of receiving.

Another long time participant, J.S. shares: “The experiential component of Lauri’s classes is where the magic happens. Lauri weaves the circle together in such a way where I feel safe and supported to explore the depths of my soul, even among strangers. I am encouraged and assisted to seek help and wisdom from the compassionate spirits around me. I am given time to spend in wonderful, healing nature (when at Hidden Lake) to gain insight and comfort. I am led in magical ceremonies that bring such healing and joy. There is a balance of teaching, experience and talking. To me personally, being with Lauri at Hidden Lake in the ever-present nurturing community is like coming home. Like being reunited with family. A rewarding, unforgettable experience each and every time.”

Courses Offered

  • Shamanic Sound Healing: 10-week, 4 month, 5 month Series
  • Shamanic Sound Intensive
  • Advanced Shamanic Sound Healing weekends and study groups
  • Open Sound Circles
  • Sweat lodge Ceremony
  • Day of Toning
  • Celtic Shaman’s Ritual of Service
  • Soul and Family Constellations Circles
  • Voice Empowerment Ceremonies and Training

We play with our power animals, commune with our teaching spirits and guides, we enjoy being in community, we work on each other and ourselves, we explore and make new discoveries about the magic of sound and shamanism. Our voices, rattles, drums, singing bowls, bells, sounds from nature all contribute to setting healing intentions into motion. Our mastery for manifesting expands. We trust deeply in the magic we are creating in the universe, for our own behalf, and that of others, the Earth.