Meet Lauri Shainsky, Ph.D

I have been studying shamanism since 1997. As with many people, my own path of pain and distress led me to the shamanic way of living. I cannot imagine living any other way than the way I do now—connected to the unseen world of spirit, filled in my heart with love and light, and dedicated to listening to and channeling the wisdom and healing power of the benevolent spirits. Shamanism and sound healing have worked miracles in my life and in the lives of my students, clients, and community members. I am so grateful to this divine way of healing and learning. I honor my lineage of shamanic living, traced back to the Siberian shamans, who were one of the most ancient of shamanic traditions.

I have been blessed by having great teachers, including Jan Engels-Smith—my primary teacher and mentor. Michael and Sandra Harner, from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, who hold the light for North American Shamanism. Tom Kenyon has shared with me the gifts of the magic of sound. Betsy Bergstrom taught me how to navigate the Middle World in a beautiful way. I was given a dose of the shaking medicine by Bradford Keeney, and was connected to my European ancestors through Tom Cowan’s Celtic Shamanism. I am honored and privileged to be part of an extended Lakota family, learning through ceremony the Natural Way. Blessed even more, I have received all of my attunements through Karuna® Reiki from Colleen Benelli–for her I am truly grateful. And, I have learned the most directly from my everlasting communion with my compassionate spirits.

I am an Associate Teacher/Healer at LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine. LightSong is a premiere school for learning shamanism and energy medicine. I have been involved in the school from its inception and can trace much of my initial growth and development to my experiences in the school’s classes and ceremonies. I carry the songs for the community, and lead prayer and purification ceremonies for the community, one of my deepest honors.

My personal mission is to serve the earth by providing people transformative experiences in shamanism, sound, and nature. I believe that everyone has innate wisdom and power, that with some coaxing and the right tools at the right time, can be accessed to create more vibrant health and to manifest our dreams. I am committed to enhancing people’s lives through meaningful mystical experiences. I also believe that I am here to bring song and sound back into core shamanism in a powerful way, and reconnect neoshamanism to its traditional roots based in connection and time with Nature. I have a deep abiding love and concern for the animals of Earth. Studying the beautiful intricacies of ecology and nature acquiring my Ph.D. fostered a wonder and fascination in the perfection of life. I expanded my awareness of nature through founding and teaching in a non-profit that took young people into the outdoors. I thank Jon Young for bird language and tracking skills in service to the youth of our nation, and now, to the service of my own heart, the Earth and the people with whom I walk on it.

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