Preparing for Your Sessions with the Spirits

My Prayer

I am so pleased that you have chosen to embark on this healing journey with my spirits’ assistance. This work, in my experience, provides an energy force that sets healing and manifestation into motion. My prayer is that your prayers and visions for yourself unfold in the most astonishing and nourishing way. That any blocks to the purest expression of your true self be removed. That the soul essence that may have temporarily been disconnected from the wholeness of your soul be returned and integrated, bringing to you the added potency most needed for you to walk with health, well being, trust and grace on your path. That the words spoken be of the highest good. That you notice and experience miraculous shifts in your life and well-being, in sacred alignment with your most tender and heart-felt dreams!

You can participate significantly in your own healing through preparation, being present and doing some follow-up self care. Your belief and desires for the healing process all contribute to long term expansion and continued unfoldment of your well-being.

Setting Healing Intentions for Yourself

To prepare for session, it is important that you have intentions that you are can articulate for healing. They may begin with the initial reason you sought me out; there may also be others that are vaguely hanging out in the periphery. To begin clarifying your healing intentions, it is helpful to sit in a quiet place, or in nature. Allow your awareness to journey down from your mind, into your heart. If your heart was an entity all unto itself, how would it feel about and see your life? What is its deepest desires? Where does your heart automatically go when you give it sight and a voice? What does this say to you as the keeper of your heart, about the healing that you are seeking? Can you then formulate some statements of intentions for your healing?

Begin by informally writing from your heart about what you want. Give the writing over to higher consciousness and let the words flow onto the paper. When you feel complete, notice what most jumps out at you, or most moves you. Then, on a new piece of paper, write out your healing intentions.

Preparing a Bundle of Offering to the Spirits

Please take some time to make a little bundle to offer the spirits. Traditionally, this bundle is made up of red cloth, wrapped around one or more offerings to the spirits I work with: tobacco, cornmeal, coconut or sunflower seeds. This bundle is secured with string. Your healing intentions are attached or wedged under the string of the bundle.. We will place this on the altar during our session together. Taking time to create this bundle will deepen your commitment and connection to the spirit realm, and to the healing work we will embark on together.

Other Useful Information

If you are planning on the 3 recommended initial sessions with me: In preparing your calendar to accommodate your sessions, make sure that you can spend some quiet time after our sessions. If you have a bath tub, have some sea salts ready so that you can take a salt bath, especially after our first session. For your soul retrieval ceremony (second session), you may choose to invite a support person to be a part of the ceremony. In past cultures, the whole community or tribe would participate in the welcoming of the soul parts home to the carrier. The support person could drive you to and from the appointment, be a sacred witness in the ceremony, hold the intentions of healing. (Note that it is also important that the first session is just you and me and the spirits, with no support person). If appropriate, I will sometimes ask the support person to drum for the soul retrieval, which can be very sweet and provide an avenue of quite tangible support. The support person is not essential; however, many people find it very potent to have this support and witnessing and celebrating.

It is important for you to know that virtue of making an appointment, we have set healing intentions into motion already! So, note the quality of your dreams. Watch what arises in your waking states, too. Your intentions will nourish you, and be nourished by this beautiful work, so believe, trust, allow.

Exchange for our Sessions

Back in the day, I would have gladly received a horse, some chickens, some hay or food. We live in a modern society now, so the currency that is most convenient is money. I am not organized enough to have you pay my electric or telephone bill (another way of potential exchange!) so a check or cash is best. I can also use a credit card in a pinch.

My Rates

I ask $150 for an hour and a half of my time, $200 for two hours

Our first session will be 2 hours, likely, and the 2nd and 3rd may be 1.5 hours. Sometimes it depends on how much talking we do!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email me.

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