What is Shamanic Sound Healing?

If you are feeling challenged in anyway–mentally, spiritually, physically in your personal and/or professional life, and feel like you need some guidance & a big boost, welcome to Shamanic Sound Healing!

And What is Shamanic Sound Healing, anyway?

Shamanism refers to the process of communicating with helping spirits–seen and unseen power animals, human-formed spirits, angels, goddesses, gods, deities, nature spirits–and tapping into their unlimited power and wisdom for the purpose of healing and transforming our realities. Whether you are seeking healing, or wish to contribute to the healing of others and/or Earth, trust that we all have the capacity to connect with these Divine ones and invite them into our lives to help us manifest, create, transform.

The challenges we all experience in our life and in our wellness—pain, disease, unhappiness, loss of zest & zeal, disappointment, unfortunate circumstances– always have a spiritual dimension; often, it is the root cause. Using shamanism, we can address the spiritual root of these challenges, doctoring the soul and the energetics of you and your life. Shamanic work ripples back and heal the past, and provides an empowered energetic signature for attracting a more fulfilling joy-filled future.

Shamanic healing arts are ancient practices performed by many cultures around the world. Shamans work with benevolent compassionate spirits who are eager to find a vehicle to bring their power and wisdom to Earth for healing. Shamans are that vehicle–ordinary people having extraordinary experiences channeling divine healing power and wisdom to people and places of need.

Sound Healing refers to the process of using sound and heart felt intention to create change. Sound is a carrier wave of intention, and can be directed to alter energy and matter in ways that result in different more elevated states of being, consciousness, and circumstances. Sound may be generated with our voices through chanting, toning, singing, vocalizing, speaking. We also use singing bowls, rattles, drums, bells, gongs, and other instruments to make sound.

When we invite the wisdom and power of compassionate helping spirits to collaborate with us  while we make sound, the results are far more potent, palpable, precise and accurate! We watch and visualize and imagine sound out ahead of us on our path, along with the helping spirits, orchestrating great change in wellness and abundance. Becoming the sound and enveloped in the divine, our perceptions of our worlds change, which results in powerful new ways of walking on Earth–supported, loved, safe, purposeful, intentional, unstoppable!

If you are seeking to make some changes in your life, in your ways of being and seeing in the world, of finding what supports you in feeling more vibrant, powerful, steady, then shamanic sound can assist you greatly. Whether you found me because you wanted to receive healing, or because you want to learn more about adding sound to your tool bag of healing powers, my sessions and circles and classes will bring to you learning and healing simultaneously, in the perfect way this is right for you on this day.

Shamanic Healing with Sound

Shamanic Sound Healing engages the magical creative force of sound to manifest our intentions for wellness. Sound is the carrier wave of intention. Many creation myths the world over describe how the universe and earth, creation, came into being through sound. When directed by spiritual guidance in a container of love and benevolence, sound creates amazing vibrational changes in our physical, biochemical, neurological, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being. Sound magically carries love and intention into the areas of need, and sets into motion healing and manifestation of prayers, visions, and dreams. Shamanic sound healing utilizes the deep connections with the Spirit Realms to provide insight, multidimensionalism, and accuracy to the use of sound for healing the body, mind, spirit and soul.

When we engage in healing together, the spirits of your life as well as the spirits that work with me bring to you sacred vibrations of healing sound. These sounds and songs carry information and power, enhancing the energy systems of your body, mind and spirit for sustained wellness.

Yes, you have helping spirits in your life! They have been waiting for you! To make contact with them, become aware of them, notice and engage with them! They will: help you change your mind about things that are tethering you to unhealthy ways of being; provide the energetic boost your body needs to heal your wounds; provide the guidance you need to become a more potent creative force on your Earth walk, and can change your very concept of reality and your potency in it.

Your job is simply to say yes, to receive and believe. To welcome the miracles. To launch the highest visions and dreams for yourself.

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