It’s time for shamanic sound healing when we feel like…

  • We are “not quite ourselves.”
  • We have dense or dark energies hanging around in our lives.
  • We are missing a part of ourselves.
  • We are lacking, low, are having recurring physical or mental pains or other issues that are interfering with a productive life and well-being.


Basically, all of us could use some Shamanic Sound Healing, most of the time!

My humblest hope is that…

  • Your visions for yourself unfold in the most astonishing and nourishing way.
  • Any blocks to the purest expression of your true self be removed.
  • The soul essence that may have temporarily been disconnected from the wholeness of your soul be returned and integrated, bringing to you the added potency most needed for you to walk with health, well-being, trust and grace on your path.
  • The words spoken be of the highest good.
  • You notice and experience miraculous shifts in your life and well-being, in sacred alignment with your most tender and heart-felt dreams!

Schedule a Sound Healing Session with Lauri

Sessions available in-person & remotely.
Nourish your soul through vibrant, intentional sound. Your council of helping spirits, angels, devas, and power animals await you!