I believe that we are all craving mystical experiences that will support us to be happier, healthier, optimistic, and whole. That we want to and were born into this time to contribute to the healing of the planet. All of my ceremonies–whether personal sessions, circles, sacred gatherings, and courses–all seek to nourish those cravings, and enhance our abilities to contribute to the wholeness and wellness of all beings.

The ceremonies that flow through me have roots in ancient ways; shamanism is thought to be the most ancient of healing modalities and world views.  Adapted to address life in the modern world, neo-shamanism utilizes new and emergent knowledge about the way energy, the body-mind-soul systems and the universe operate and interact. My decades of practice and study, my own personal healing work and ceremonies, and training in a broad pallet of modalities, all  contribute to your receiving the most potent opportunities for change. Ceremonies are delivered through me from my Council of Spirits– for whoever and whatever is most called for, yearned for, and divinely ordained. My intimate relationship with the creative power of spirit-guided sound ripples through every aspect of our ceremonies together.

While some sessions may follow a format utilizing traditional shamanic healing ceremonies (extractions, soul retrievals, curse-unraveling and compassionate spirit release), other sessions may be completely open and have their own free-flowing nature. All ceremonies are orchestrated by the helping spirits who come for you, and utilize the creative force of sound to set your intentions for change into motion. We immerse ourselves in this nourishing flow–surrendering, receiving, shifting, manifesting. We invite unimaginable shifts at the spiritual, physical, metaphysical, and mental-emotional level. These shifts unfold out ahead of you on your path, as well as healing your past, and bring your more intimately aware and aligned with your council of spirits.


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Soul Retrieval & Power Animal Retrieval

Soul parts, or parts of our spirit essence, can be lost through illness, minor or major trauma, past events, even negative self-talk. Loss of this essence can cause you to feel that you are “missing” some part of yourself. Soul loss frequently results in recurring pain, illness, depression, addiction, and negative behavioral patterns. Soul retrieval recaptures and restores wholeness to your soul, restoring vibrancy, optimism, vitality and zest for life. Power animals always accompany the lost soul parts back to help integrate the soul parts back into the whole of the soul, and to help guide you on your path of healing.

Around the Wheel Energy Balancing. Issue Divination & Healing

This shamanic sound session seeks to address specific issues, utilizing the power of the medicine wheel. These sessions are more free- form; the healing emerges with your intentions and inquiry as the only agenda. Catalytic and coherent sounds interweave with the spirits who come from each direction to remove dense energies, and to fill you with high vibrational power and wisdom.

Soul Constellations

All of the issues we are grappling with benefit from taking a wider view of the systems in which the issues are swimming and functioning (or dis-functioning). Constellations work assists us in identifying key elements of these systems and their interrelationships. We gain new awareness to the energetics of our relationship to these elements, and become unbound by them. In addition, many of our unconscious patterns arise from loyalty to our lineage.  In Soul Constellations work, we explore and clear old patterns and constrictions through the sensing and clearing of the energies in our relationships. This very embodied healing modality combines beautifully with sound healing and shamanism to yield new perspectives and ways of being in the world.


If you are feeling funky, you might feel relieved to know that as a matter of life, we all get dense foreign energies trapped in us from interactions, events, people or places we encounter. These negative energies may cause re-occurring emotions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors. They can make us feel tired, ill, moody, and can cause addiction, chronic pain, or negative habits. Removing these in ceremony using extraction and replacing them with highly vibrant energy will leave you feeling relieved of burdens, darkness, feelings of ill-at-ease, and result in a lighter, clearer, fresher, and more optimistic joyful loving you.

Forgiveness & Cord-Cutting

Are you in need of some energetic freedom? This ceremony is great for that. We are all connected to people, places, and things in our lives through energetic cords. Often these cords bind us to old patterns, feelings, relationships, ways of being, and cause us to feel depleted and stuck. In this ceremony, cords are cut, people are forgiven, and soul essence is returned to you. As a major soul retrieval, this ceremony frees you up from the past in amazing ways that empower you to move forward on your path. You also merge more deeply with your true self in this ceremony, and feel what it’s like to be re-attuned with “your original instructions”.

Compassionate Spirit-Release

From time to time, we pick up energetic “hitchhikers” or spiritual entities that get trapped in our energy field. This ceremony heals and releases these spiritual entities, leaving you feel more like yourself, healthier, more vibrant.

Curse Unraveling

We or other people in our lives make oaths, declarations, and statements about us, that can keep us in a particular unhealthy state of being. This ceremony dissolves these, freeing you from the tethering effects of words said with negative energy.

Soul Rematrixing

Shamanic work can change the past, and ripple out into all aspects of life. Soul Rematrixing alters strongly held beliefs and ways of perceiving that arise out of past hurts or karma, and redirects the soul and your consequent behavior and emotions to more positive, healthy ways of being.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese modality of energy medicine that reduces stress, aids in relaxation, relieves pain and enhances overall wellness. In my Reiki treatments, sound enhances the vibrational healing that Reiki naturally provides.

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