About My Course Work

My goal is to provide a safe, spirit-filled container where we co-create experiences of expansion, connection with our helping spirits, rejuvenation through sound and metaphysical magic, and interfacing with Nature. Each experiences moves us deeper into soul, finding those nourishing notes that inspire joyous, healthy resonance, in exchange with the abundant universe.

We invoke power and wisdom together in our personal sacred spaces where our work takes place via Zoom, and form a co-creative process unique to Zoom-mediated spiritual work (until epidemiological conditions are more suitable for singing with each others and gathering indoors). Our aim is to cultivate vocal power in sweet communion with our sacred voices, and with active, enlightening connection with our helping spirits and allies. Healing and learning happen simultaneously, as we use our yearnings and where we are in the moment as the foci for the exercises and ceremonies we engage in. We imbue our homes, work spaces, land with the energy medicine we amplify together, as we experience this work in our own sacred locations.

I bring my experience with soul retrieval, extraction, and other shamanic techniques, soul constellation, and personal effectiveness training into the space, providing gentle coaching or feedback when needed. We collaborate with your experience and knowledge, your land and nature spirits, home spirits, to create personal and professional development that is sustainable, fun, and potent.

Sound Work Second Semester 2023

I will be finishing out my 2023 shamanic sound offerings with *Shamanic Sound Journey Circles and a 6-session Shamanic Sound training and healing course.

I will be listening and forming virtual shamanic sound experiences as people call for them, and as they naturally arise.  You can contact me if you would like specially tailored learning and healing experiences for you and your team, group, family, community.

I invite collaboration with ceremonialists who would like spirit-guided sound to enrich their offerings. Contact me and I will lovingly respond!

 *FREE COMMUNITY SOUND JOURNEYS: These community circles offer opportunities to journey amidst streams of spirit riding waves of sound (Sound Circles and Lodge).

You arrive with prayers, intentions, hopes, needs, we go into shamanic states of sound-rich consciousness and we create change.

You can make as much or as little sound as you are moved (most people do both).

 Friday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm Pacific. See below for dates.


Some of My Thoughts about Sound and Shamanism

Sound gets in and does work in a way that no other medium of healing can do. Intentional, spirit-guided sound interpenetrates the physical structures of your body—resonating therein and causing the vibrations of your organs, neurons, glands, DNA, muscles, bones, to readjust back to their nascent healthy frequencies, bringing the symphony that is you back into energetic alignment. Sound carries power and wisdom into your mind, helping to support constructive beliefs and parts of your story that serve you, and extract and shift unsupportive beliefs and parts of your story that detract from your health and well-being. Sound sends your prayers and the spirits out ahead of you on your path, orchestrating the adjustments, alignment, ascension of the energy matrices that form your life circumstances, helping you step into the more powerful, happy healthy you.

Shamanic sound healing reinforces the understanding that traditional shamanism uses sound as the gateway to the Divine. Information and healing from the divine spiritual realms are most powerfully channeled through us using sound.  When we invite the wisdom and power of compassionate helping spirits to collaborate with us while we make sound, the results are stunningly magnified, far-reaching, unfathomable in the most wonderful way.

Engaging in shamanic sound healing is a mystical, creative, liberating experience. You can be an Agent of shamanic Sound Healing whether you need healing, or would like to bring intentional sound and Spirit into your every day or professional life. Together we experiment and explore sound as a central creative force, and develop our relationships with our divine helping spirits. We collaborate to create, transform, and manifest for ourselves, our family, community, Earth.


Sound Journey Circles

These drop-in experiences offer us the opportunity to connect deeply with sound and our helping spirits.

Participants provide input for our topic of the evening.

We attune to sacred vibrations as they pour lovingly into our private spaces. We then utilize the wisdom and power encoded in the spirit-infused sound to shift and heal what is most pressing in the moment.

You will build skills for connecting with the divine through journeying, for setting intentions into motion. You may also find new power in your voice if you choose to engage it in the safety of your own home.

Listen to a recorded sound circle here. Prepare and find the Zoom link here.

Cost: Free

When: Friday Evenings 6:30-8:30 pm Pacific

Fall 2023 Dates:

August 18th, September 8th; September 15th; October 6th; October 20th.

Click here for more information and the link.


Shamanic Sound Healing and Learning

This 6-session series offer healing and learning experiences exploring how sound, intention, spirit, deep listening, and the open heart synergies to manifest healing and transformation.

We explore our relationships with our helping spirits, our voices, and our belief systems to expand in our capacity to provide support and healing to others and earth, through our own transformation and expansion.

Fall 2023 Course Registration is upcoming.

Dates: 9/17; 10/1;10/15; 10/29; 11/12; 12/3.

Sunday 10 am-2:30 pm Pacific.


Registration coming shortly!