Sound-Rich Earth-Based Expeditions Into the Rich Wilderness of the Soul: April-June 2024

My goal is to co-create community, sacred ceremony, healing and learning in deep collaboration with Earth, Mother Nature. Animism, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Nature and Soul Constellations weave together for multidimensional transformation. SoulNote–Shamanic Sound Healing collaborates with Earth Heart to bring these Earth -Based, Sound-Rich, Soul Nourishing Expeditions that seek to serve soul and Earth.

We invite Earth to be a primary teacher, and sound our spiritual language. We are listenative–listening with great curiosity as we enter into sacred exchange with the spirits of the land and our own guides. Shared spiritual experiences cultivate community as we move together at the speed of deer. It is a commitment to listening, to being willing to change, with great curiosity. Exploring the wilderness of our souls, being in inquiry, surprise, compassion, joy!

Birding By Ear & Bird Language: A Grand Listening




Together we invite the birds to lead us on a sonic expedition into the rich wilderness of our soul. We invite Earth and the winged ones to be our primary teachers, and sound our spiritual language. We say thank you to these dear ones as we honor and focus on the birds as profoundly potent teachers of listening. 

We are listenative–listening with great curiosity as we enter into sacred exchange with the spirits of the land and our own guides. Shared spiritual experiences cultivate community as we move together at the speed of deer. And serve Earth by being in love with her beings.

Whether we want to know who is singing & calling, or what they are signaling and telegraphing about us and our nature scape ecosystem, these skills enrich and amplify the healing and teachings of the Bird Nations.

Birding by Ear is a classic area of study where we use the textural language of sound to describe what we are hearing so that we can identify the bird species around us. We use this to gain insight into who we are sharing nature spaces with–especially when seeing birds is made difficult by complex vegetation or light conditions (or if you are in the house or tent and can hear but not see outside).

Bird Language is the study of noticing the spatial and temporal pattern of those qualities of bird sounds we hear, and interpreting what these patterns might mean. The close attunement to bird language has been crucial to the thriving of indigenous cultures the world over. Bird sounds helped identify key ecosystem and spiritual features and phenomena, like food sources, along with providing indicators of dangers across the landscape. Alarm calls alerted people to the presence of predators, or dietary animals not readily seen in the landscape. Contact calls and chatters, along with flight patterns pointed the way to plants’ seed, fruit and honey source locations.

During our bird adventures, we immerse ourselves in the art of listening. We notice how birds communicate with each other and other beings. We can utilize bird language to diagnose our state of consciousness and teach us how to deepen our connection to nature. As we slow down to the speed of deer, the birds respond differently to us, and reflect those changes in the patterns of their singing and calling. They can be potent biofeedback guides to help us relax and expand into nature. This body of work changed my life forever, and I hope it does yours, too!!!



Limited to 12 explorers.

Learn about Bird Language from my favorite mentor in this body of work, Jon Young, using the links to a few of Jon’s YouTube videos. These videos provide glimpses of and insight into some fundamentals we will share while we are on the land and listen together:

 Tree Mysticism: A Day of Soul Ceremony With the Standing Ones April 21 10 am-4 pm  

Enjoy a soul-nourishing day with Shamanic Sound Healers Lauri Shainsky and Cindy Trames at Sauvie Island’s Field of Plenty. Trees are powerful and wise emissaries of the Divine, and are ever present in our everyday lives. On this day we access their healing through shamanism–ancient modality of connecting to spirits— and Soul & Nature Constellations–a powerfully effective modality for shifting the energetics of relationships that influence our well being. Collective & personal healing unfolds as we commune with the trees. Meditation, reflection, ritual, and communion all bring us to a deeper state of connection with ourselves, Earth, Nature and our community souls. Cost: $195 Early Bird (Before April 1)/ $225 Thereafter.

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Shamanic Sound: Among the Trees May 18; June 23 10 am-3 pm

Trees sing and vibrate, acting as sacred guides, wisdom keepers, and antennae –receivers and transmitters of sacred spirit sound and song. They are among the original blessing elders of animistic living. We attune to and commune with these great beings, inquiring, listening, noticing how we can collaborate with them for healing and service to soul, community, Earth. Through shamanism, sound healing and nature constellations in community, we enjoy a potent day outdoors at beautiful Hidden Lake Sanctuary. $90 for one/$180 for both sessions.

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Nature & Soul Constellations: Towards Creative Shifts June 9 1-5 pm 

Life of Life. We collaborate with nature beings, each other, those who have come before us, other surprising characters and archetypes. Our bodies and energy fields are amazingly powerful sensory instruments that help us unwind obsolete patterns, adjust attune to nature, the elements, Others seen and unseen, known and unknown. We ask the Knowing Field, stepping in to feel and reconfigure facets of our lives. $125

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