Vibrational Nourishment for the Soul:

Through Sound + Intention + Listening + Spirit + The Open Heart

Every Shamanic Sound experience we curate together unfolds as an expedition for the Soul.

Experience & co-create healing experiences live through courses, events, ceremonies, and sessions

Transform through on-demand shamanic sound healing on and Youtube.

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What is your soul, your heart yearning for?

Join me and SoulNote Shamanic Sound for mini-expeditions of the soul. Journey with me and our helping spirits across unique other-worldly landscapes and nourishing niches. We will find deep well-being as we ride the streams of sound and spirit during:

Shamanic Sound Journey Circles: Friday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm Pacific*. 

Fall 2023 Dates:  October 6th; October 20th.

Receive support from your spirit guides, power animals, angels, other divine beings during this sound rich experiential journey circle. Join in virtual community, set healing intentions together, & embark on a guided sound healing journey. Free and open to the community.  We get together frequently and deeply enough to form heart-felt comforting community.


Currently on-line for our pan-global community members. RSVP to  

Hear and participate in a pre-recorded shamanic sound journey circle in your own space here.

Read more about Sound Circles here

Shamanic Sound: A 6-Session Experience of Healing & Learning*

Sundays 10 am- 2:30 pm Pacific time.

September 17th, October 1st, October 15th,

October 29th; November 12th; December 3rd 

Embark with me on an expedition of the soul through learning vibrational energy medicine and shamanism. Explore how to more potently connect with your spiritual allies, use your voice and other sound instruments to attune to and resonate with the Divine–for healing and learning for self, others, Earth.

Cost: Early Bird $350 (before September 8) $425 thereafter

Click here for more information and registration

*To honor the community members who have begun engaging across the globe, the above 2023 courses will be offered online. Renovations will continue on site at the lake through 2023. By 2024 we hope to have our sound studio back in operation with supporting facilities and grounds so that in-person courses and ceremonies can resume there. 



SoulNote’s visions for your healing & learning holds that you are able to…

…See and feel what it would be like for you to walk with greater vibrance, mastery, well-being, and knowingness…

…Feel what you imagine it would feel like that you are safe and held by Earth…

…Hear how your inner narration changes towards more fruitful joyful stories

fed & supported by your unique council of helping spirits as they orchestrate abundance, health, and joy in your life.

I bring my extensive training, life experience, education, and the rich spiritual power of nature beings that I carry in my bones to

blend with your desire and commitment to the highest vision of YOU to guarantee potent shifts.

I am pleased to share and know that our souls can be effectively nourished through Zoom, and in person out in Nature.

Click Here to Read More about Lauri’s Mission of Service to Soul

SoulNote: Our Unique Vibrational Signature

Everything is vibrating.

Our energy and soul system, our physicality, our mentality, spirituality, sociality–all are vibrating, each element of each layer at different frequencies.

These varied frequencies collaborate in a unique symphonic signal orchestrated by the deepest wisdom of your soul. This is your SoulNote.

We can tune in, listen and feel this symphony– its dissonance and its harmony– within our body, mind, and soul.

Intentional Divinely-guided sound provides vibrational nutritional medicine for transformation, creating greater wellness and expanded capacity to manifest more potently.

And as we move into deep inquiry for soul healing, the spirits have revealed to us that SoulNotes are love letters to our selves that describe parts of the stories we live in and can choose to change in our work together.



SoulNote’s Promise to You

We will form a potently sacred partnership—you, me, the Divine.

Together, we utilize the ancient ways of connecting with compassionate helping spirits and nature beings (Shamanism), and the magical creative power of intentional sound (Sound Healing).

We explore the spiritual root cause of whatever is bothering you or keeping you from your full expression.

We call on the Divine and intentional focused sound to clear impediments that stand in your way of your manifesting.

We call on the Divine ones to bring in and fill you with supportive vibrations, thoughtforms, energies, needed to propel you on your Earth walk. Together we cultivate a more optimistic fruitful world view. We call support to build your vocal power by making friends with your sacred voice.

We dance with and acknowledge the always- accommodating universe that hears you and delivers to you that which you most desire.


Shamanic Sound Healing

simply stated is

Intentional Spirit-Guided Sound Healing



Sound is a Carrier Wave of Intention

Sound can be consciously and intentionally directed to create changes in energy and matter in ways that result in more elevated states of being, consciousness, and circumstances. Sound may be generated with our voices through chanting, toning, singing, vocalizing, speaking. We also use singing bowls, rattles, drums, bells, gongs, and other instruments to make sound.

When we invite the wisdom and power of compassionate helping spirits to collaborate with us  while we make sound, the results are far more potent, palpable, precise and accurate! We watch and visualize and imagine sound out ahead of us on our path, along with the helping spirits, orchestrating great change in wellness and abundance. Becoming the sound and enveloped in the divine, our perceptions of our worlds change, which results in powerful new ways of walking on Earth–supported, loved, safe, purposeful, intentional, unstoppable!



Spirits, Ambassadors of the Divine Support Our Healing

Shamanism refers to the process of communicating with helping spirits–seen and unseen power animals, human-formed spirits, angels, goddesses, gods, deities, nature spirits. We all can tap into the unlimited power and wisdom of these divine beings for healing and transforming our realities. Living a shamanic way of life, we invite compassionate ambassadors of the divine into our lives to support our manifestation, transformation, wellness.

The challenges we all experience in our life and in our wellness—pain, disease, unhappiness, loss of zest & zeal, disappointment, unfortunate circumstances– always have a spiritual dimension; often, it is the root cause. In shamanic ways of seeing and being, we address the spiritual root of these challenges, doctoring our soul (and body and mind), as well as the energetic configurations of our lives. This work ripples back to heal the past, and provides an empowered energetic framework for creating a more fulfilling joy-filled fruitful future.


We invite the wisdom & power of compassionate helping spirits to collaborate with us 

while we make sound, so that the results are

far more potent, palpable, precise and accurate!

SoulNote focuses on making sound healing exponentially more potent by creatively inviting a shamanic framework.

I am committed to bringing more sound back into Modern Shamanism

which traditionally has been sound-rich.

I am here to help people find their creative powerful voices,

encouraging full self-expression,

Singing their realities into joyful fruition

& inviting the Divine to support us, encoding the sounds that emerge and flow to us and through us,

collaborating with our own unique sacred Soul Notes.

Learning and Healing Circles and Ceremonies

My learning and healing events focus on all aspects of the equation: Sound + Intention + Spirit +The open Heart + Deep listening = Healing + Manifestation

Key Ingredients (Cornerstones) of our time together include:

Simultaneous Healing and Learning: As we learn techniques, we apply these to our own healing needs and issues.

Spirit-led Curricula: My helping spirits and yours guide what we do during a learning & healing session, and often change in the moment to satisfy a set of needs that are present through you.

Non-hierarchical, co-created: While I share my experience and knowledge, you collaborate through your own knowledge, and what you bring back from the divine realms.

Open-hearted and Laughter-infused

Advancing the use of technology, our electronic and energetic web and networks, to bring healing from the inner realms out to the outer realms.

Our inquiry informs our personal and professional journey, noticing:


  • How sound moves through us
  • How we can use this process of channeling spirit in the form of sound to create and manifest
  • How working with sound help us get out of the way more completely
  • How we can most potently usher in power and wisdom from the divine realms to Earth to be of service.
  • Our work with sound refines our understanding of how Spirit, sound, intention, deep listening, and the open heart all interact to create a healing effect.
  • How sound and intention can travel along the lines of energy and technological connections to make even farther-reaching impacts, especially now, during the pandemic.



I have many words to describe how amazing my experience in our sound classes have been. I can think of a few, profound, expanding, healing, truth uncovering, mind blowing. I have a feeling of joy and love and beauty in my heart for all that we went through since I first joined your class last Fall. I remember thinking I had to join sound class, because it truly was the one thing that was in my way at the time and one of my biggest fears and looooookkkkk!!!! I broke through the barriers and healed so much!

I just wanted to let you know how much these times are helping me through this period in our history. It’s truly amazing that the opportunities match the deprivation we all feel. This is truly an inner work time, a release and transform time, a much higher vibration time. 
Sound takes me straight into my heart and my truth…. kind of akin to surrender but different. I can’t lie to myself in song. It’s pure.

The experiences of this past weekend greatly improved my confidence in my ability to surrender to spirit in transmitting healing energies using sound. I never knew what was going to come out of my mouth or what I would be guided to do – and it was great. The practice of surrendering to spirit to meet the needs of the person in front of me is something that has become increasingly stronger over the last year. This weekend added a whole new level of expression to this practice.


My experience with working online with Lauri has been wonderful. The online environment creates an unexpected intimacy. I always feel like the person talking is speaking directly to me which is an effect that is often lost in the in-person environment. Additionally, the use of breakout rooms allows participants to work together without interruption and allows for better focus on the practice at hand. One last unexpected advantage to online class is that the space I live in receives the benefit of all of the energy created by the shamanic experiences/ceremonies. 


I have known and experienced Lauri’s teachings and gifted sound healing and ceremonial work for over a decade. Since 2014 I no longer lived close enough to attend classes and workshops but during this COVID year I have been launched back into that treasure house. The gift of sound resonates across this new media and our universe is expanded to a network of vibration that reaches beyond our imaginations . I am so grateful to Lauri for her dedication to this transformative work and amazed by the ease and grace with which she facilitates everything from classes to complex ceremony .


In every session or class I have experienced exquisite moments of expanded awareness. Through techniques of story telling, imagination, visualization, and sound, I have been guided into realms of spirit where profound insights are revealed about life patterns that appear to be stuck. I find myself rising out of habitual ways of thinking and responding that create and solidify suffering. Sometimes I experience the release of long held pain, both physical and emotional. 

Schedule a Sound Healing Session with Lauri

Nourish your soul through vibrant, intentional sound.

I offer sessions–via Zoom or on  the phone or in nature– using shamanic sound healing to address the spiritual dimensions of emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. At this time, more than ever, we need spiritual support, connection, nourishment. The healing ceremonies that come through me and my instruments include soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, Reiki, classic sound healing, deposession, cord-cutting, and others. These ceremonies all can restore well-being and enhance vibrancy in your life. The spirits to show us how our thinking and internal narrative may be shifted to help us feel better and experience more powerful, soul-aligned results in our lives, no matter what the issue.