Discover how sound can be encoded with Spiritual Wisdom, Healing Power, and Love to help us manifest our intentions, dreams, prayers, yearnings.


Through a collaboration between Lauri, trusted advisor, conduit to the spirit world, singer and ceremonialist.

You seeker, learner;  our divine helping spirits and intentional heart-felt sound. Our job is to say yes, receive and believe. 


How to incorporate spirit guides & power animals with sound and intention into a spiritual practice and everyday living. Our conscious awareness amplifies our creative capacity for change and manifestation.

The Studio

The Barbara Doris Sound Studio at Hidden Lake holds the vastness of healings, teachings, and transformations that have ever occurred therein…and this we access during all sacred activities.

Surrounded by cedar, bamboo, the garden, and the prana of Hidden Lake, this potent place of sanctuary, learning, and change provides the perfect support for client sessions, ceremony, sound circles, and coursework.

The spaciousness of the studio helps to facilitate a spaciousness that assists us to expand into our fully-realized, actualized human beingness.

What is Spirit-guided sound healing?

Sound is a carrier wave of intention, and is a magical creative force that re-configures matter and energy. Spirit-guided sound healing adds the active participation of compassionate benevolent spirits—beings from the divine realms. These beings encode the sound with power and wisdom, guiding the sound to its most potent targets.

When sound is transmitted and received in a container of love and divine spiritual guidance, miraculous healing and manifestation of dreams and prayers can more powerfully be set into motion.

What does this feel like?

During or after a shamanic sound healing experience one might feel: Tingly, brighter, lighter and more optimistic. Wow, that strange pain is gone. New options are now available. Heat coming out of hands. Clearer, peaceful, levitating, laughing, freer, forgiving, forgiven.

Schedule a Sound Healing Session with Lauri

Nourish your soul through vibrant, intentional sound.

Lauri offers sessions in shamanic sound healing that address the spiritual aspects of emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. We all, from time to time, feel like “I am just not myself” or “I feel like I am missing a part of myself”. This is common, and a reflection of soul loss. We all lose parts of our soul through trauma, illness, negative events or relationships that sap us. The resulting loss can create illness, negative behavioral patterns, reoccurring mental or physical pain. These can easily be alleviated through shamanic healing. Healing ceremonies may include soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, Reiki, classic sound healing, deposession, cord-cutting, and others. These ceremonies all can restore well-being and enhance vibrancy in your life. 

Sessions available in-person & remotely.