The Exchange

Exchange for our Sessions

With all spirit-guided work, it is usually more powerful when there is an exchange between the person seeking healing, and the practitioner and the spirits. So when you are preparing to come, feel into your heart and listen for what you might bring the spirits for their love and healing. The spirits that come and do this work through me are ones that I have a relationship with, and ones that tend and guide your life, whether you are aware of them or not.

Traditionally, a bundle of tobacco or cornmeal was given as offerings to the spirits, along with a written statement of your intentions to heal. My spirits also like coconut and sunflower seeds. We place these offerings on the altar during your sessions. As soon as you make the declaration to begin this work, I have noticed many things begin to be set into motion, and the spirits begin their work, even before you arrive at the first session. This is very sacred work which I have spent more than a decade in apprenticeship and training to learn how to be of service and perform.

Continuing our work together, many different ceremonies and session types can follow. You may want to learn how to journey, or address specific issues that need illumination and healing. You may want to learn how to work more with the power animals that come back. The possibilities are endless! Whatever you wish to say yes to, the spirits and I are here to serve you.


My Rates



Rates are $50 per 30 Minutes

$150 for an 90 minute session

$200 for 120 minute session

I never turn people away for lack of ability to pay. And, I believe that there is always enough time, money, resources, and energy for that which is most important. It has taken a lifetime to come to where you are right now, and it takes time to build a relationship with the spirits that you are seeking to create a healing. I guarantee you that you will experience a positive shift in your life, and I am excited to be a part of this shift. Beautiful and unexpected aspects of life unfold, and this is truly thrilling!

I work at Hidden Lake, and I also make house calls, and work over the phone.

I have noticed that once a person sets the intention to come see me, the power and compassionate spirits become engaged, before the person arrives. By the time the appointment rolls around, the healing is greatly in motion.

!If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email me.

Schedule a Sound Healing Session with Lauri

Nourish your soul through vibrant, intentional sound.

Lauri offers sessions in shamanic sound healing that address the spiritual aspects of emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. We all, from time to time, feel like “I am just not myself” or “I feel like I am missing a part of myself”. This is common, and a reflection of soul loss. We all lose parts of our soul through trauma, illness, negative events or relationships that sap us. The resulting loss can create illness, negative behavioral patterns, reoccurring mental or physical pain. These can easily be alleviated through shamanic healing. Healing ceremonies may include soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, Reiki, classic sound healing, deposession, cord-cutting, and others. These ceremonies all can restore well-being and enhance vibrancy in your life. 

Sessions available in-person & remotely.