Crystal Singing Bowls


Quartz crystal singing bowls have the same ability of clear quartz crystals to hold and broadcast a “program”—in this context, an intention or prayer.

The crystal in the bowl meets the crystalline nature of your cells, your physical structure, your spiritual structure, like a sacred handshake. The vibration of the bowl carries the energy of the intention being held in the heart by you and whoever is playing the bowl, into your fields of energy and matter to create shifts and transformation. The sound of the bowl “entrains” your energy system and helps to vibrate outward the energies not in alignment with your true self, and channel inward divine high frequencies that nourish your soul.

What makes the work I do even more potent is that my crystal bowls and I are in partnership with helping spirits that direct these healing vibrations to those areas of greatest need and potential. I open a channel to the divine, and our helping spirits, guide, angels, power animals, etc. ride the sounds of the bowl and my voice into the healing space, and infuse your fields of energy and matter with intelligent healing wisdom and power.

It is important that whenever you are in the presence of a singing bowl that is being played, that you become aware of the intention being held, and if you are are not certain of the specific intention, you create and hold your own.

The spirits shared this with me during a recent journey: there is a crystal at the center of the earth; when we arrive on earth at our birth, we become attuned to that crystal of earth. The perfection of the earth, its cycles, its creations, is all resonating from that crystal, and it broadcasts this perfection of creation into our cells, our soul, our energy system. It is an attunement that we each recognize and express as our original instructions. As we go about our time on earth, some things interfere with our experiencing and expressing that perfection. When we are in the presence of a crystal singing bowl, with intention, we become reattuned to the perfection of our original instructions, and this attunement resonates out into a manifested transformation. Wowsa!!!

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Nourish your soul through vibrant, intentional sound.

Lauri offers sessions in shamanic sound healing that address the spiritual aspects of emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. We all, from time to time, feel like “I am just not myself” or “I feel like I am missing a part of myself”. This is common, and a reflection of soul loss. We all lose parts of our soul through trauma, illness, negative events or relationships that sap us. The resulting loss can create illness, negative behavioral patterns, reoccurring mental or physical pain. These can easily be alleviated through shamanic healing. Healing ceremonies may include soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, Reiki, classic sound healing, deposession, cord-cutting, and others. These ceremonies all can restore well-being and enhance vibrancy in your life. 

Sessions available in-person & remotely.