Vibrational Energy Medicine for the Soul

Through a Blend of Shamanism & Sound Healing

For Those Who are…

…At a spiritual crossroad or plateau

…in need of insight and support to move to next level

…seeking to add more magic, intentional sound, vibrancy, Spirit to their daily life, professional practice

Whether you have found this page because you want support in transforming and healing, or because you want to learn more about how to add shamanic sound healing to your tool bag, my one-on-one sessions, courses and events provide healing and learning simultaneously, in the perfectly interwoven way that is right for you at this time.

My extensive training, life experience, education, (read more) and the rich spiritual power of Hidden Lake (where I do most of my work) blend with your desire and commitment to the highest vision of YOU to guarantee potent shifts. You will be heard, seen, and tenderly held in a safe hoop of spirit and sound for your launching into your next phase of your Earth Walk. Trust, Receive, Believe.

Enjoy some of my intentional spirit-guided sound by clicking on the titles below:

Sound Support for Your Meditation

Safe Boat Home

A Sound Healing Journey For Revitalization

(Set aside 30 minutes, get comfortable, headphones)

Check out my conversation with Jan Engels-Smith, Founder of LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism about sound healing and shamanism.

Go to the Podcast.

Explore receiving sound healing, or learning how to transmit your own healing sounds. Go forth and believe, receive, transform!sformative, intentional sound. A series of 3-5 sessions will leave yo

Upcoming Events

Shamanic Sound Intensive: April 24-26

Info and registration here

Community Sound Healing: June 22


Instruments for Sound Healing

Sound has a magical way of reaching into our body-mind-spirit continuum, and making vibrational and tangible changes. Sound can reach out into our future (and actually our past) to create, manifest, shift. 

Crystal Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Hand Drums

Rattles & Shakers


Listen, Meditate, Journey, Change

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Healing Sessions

Healing sessions with sound can break up old ways of being, and create new frameworks of form (circumstance), emotion, attitude, perspective. Our reality can pivot and transform through the powerful fields of sound, especially when guided by power animals, teaching spirits, guides, angels, and other seen and unseen divine energies.

Believe it or not, these divine ones have been waiting for you to say yes. And because you find yourself here, you are ready. The work we do serves your soul and, as Sound and Spirit build your brilliance, you are of great service to Earth, the world, your family, your friends. So, thank you in advance.

To read about what your session might be like, click here.


Learn Sound Healing

 Used with intention and in a loving container, sound can…

• Remove obstacles to achieving our goals
• Facilitate changes in the matter of our bodies, and in the matter of our life’s circumstances.
• Shift our perceptions, our belief systems, our attitudes toward the world.
• Increase our overall well-being and outlook!

You can enjoy being nourished by all of these effects, as well as learning how to bring these forth in your own life or practice. I offer powerful sound sessions and instructive, transformational courses, circles, and ceremonies, in which we can walk together in Spirit and in Sound.
Join me in bringing loving sound out into our world for the upliftment of all sentient beings everywhere.


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