About Shamanic Sound Healing with Lauri


Sound is a critical ingredient in shamanism. Shamanism makes sound healing more potent.

Traditional shamanism was rich with sound; modern shamanism has lost some of this richness, mostly because people feel shy or reserved, and are not being taught the integral aspects of sound-making in their neo-shamanic courses. I am committed to change this trend.

Modern sound healing can benefit from a shamanic framework, particularly because the divine helping spirits know more than we do about what is needed by a person in their healing. And even more critically, because it is crucial to handle the dense energies that are released during sound healing with care and consciousness- a core shamanic principle. I am committed to adding shamanism to modern sound healing for more powerful results.

Sound interpenetrates and assists us at the neurological, biochemical, thermodynamic, mental, spiritual, cosmic levels of being. And because of the unfathomable intelligence of our spiritual allies, power animals, angels, ambassadors and helpers from of the unseen world, the power of sound finds its destiny with greater precision and magnificence.

Dive Deep

In Shamanic Sound Healing training, we dive deeper into the process of working with intentional sound, within a shamanic (spirit-filled) container and framework. How does sound move through us? How can we use this process of channeling Spirit in the form of sound to create and manifest? How can working with sound help us get out of the way more completely, in the dance with our ego? How can we most potently let the purity of divine realms come to Earth through us?

Our work with sound refines our understanding of how energy and intention work, how our witness collaborates and informs our healing process, and how vibration, energy and matter interact to create a healing effect. We learn and heal simultaneous in this beautiful dance of sound and spirit.

We experiment and explore sound as a central creative force in the world.

When we hold intentions for healing and manifestation in our heart, and send these out into the universe with sound, great power to organize matter and energy is set into motion. Sound that is guided by spirits and divine light and love amplifies any healing act or technique.

We journey into sound and with our compassionate spirits’ help and guidance, discover more clearly and potently how sound carries intention out into the universe to be heard and acted upon, and how spirit rides sound in from nonordinary reality to bring wisdom and power into the room, our clients. We become attuned to Sound and its flow through us, very much like a Reiki attunement. We begin to hear the information and interpret the spiritual power that are encoded in the sounds that channel through us.

We experience how sound organizes matter and other energy matrices to bring about healing and manifestation. We become a more clear and open channel for the power and wisdom that rides on the waves of sound into our ceremonial space, our bodies, our souls, those of our clients and people in our lives. 



It was a gift of timely blessing to be at the drumming circle. Amazing it was as well, to encounter another being who so actively uses voice as a vehicle of healing. I look forward to more circles.


Thank you for giving me tools that my allies are using, it really does feel like it is helping! Again, so much swirling gratitude for you and your presence in my life. And thank you specifically for these last 10 months of truly life changing experiences!


I know in my heart and soul that sound healing is in my DNA, and through your facilitation I have met the medicine woman who meets with me and guides me and gives me the songs! Which leads me to the answer of how I feel that I am different in the world since I started with you back in Sept. I feel closer to my true self and closer to the direction of my calling. I have had many dreams over this past year and also been shown in different journeys that I will be working with you specifically.


Schedule a Sound Healing Session with Lauri

Nourish your soul through vibrant, intentional sound.

Lauri offers sessions in shamanic sound healing that address the spiritual aspects of emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. We all, from time to time, feel like “I am just not myself” or “I feel like I am missing a part of myself”. This is common, and a reflection of soul loss. We all lose parts of our soul through trauma, illness, negative events or relationships that sap us. The resulting loss can create illness, negative behavioral patterns, reoccurring mental or physical pain. These can easily be alleviated through shamanic healing. Healing ceremonies may include soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, Reiki, classic sound healing, deposession, cord-cutting, and others. These ceremonies all can restore well-being and enhance vibrancy in your life. 

Sessions available in-person & remotely.