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The Creative Voice 1 & 2 

March 20 @ 9:30 am - March 21 @ 4:30 pm

$90 – $175

Our voice is a magnificent creative instrument. Great power—potential and actual—can be harnessed and activated through refinement and empowerment of our voices. How connected and empowered do you feel in using it to its fullest? This is an important contemplation.

In this workshop we will expand our capacity to use our voices:

***for expressing our needs, thoughts, desires,

**for cultivating relationships,

**for requesting, guiding, directing, wooing,

**for evoking feelings, sparking thoughts, inspiring action,

**for creating, weaving an environment of emotion and contemplation in our inner and outer worlds,

**for setting into motion our goals, objectives, intentions, visions, dreams.

 At a deeper level, we will go on an adventure in BEING (IN) OUR SONG. Traditional peoples knew that we are singing ourselves, everything into being, constantly. So we tune up our most personal creative instrument—our voices. We connect our voices to the power and wisdom of our yearning hearts and illuminated souls, becoming a conduit for the Divine Realms for learning, healing, and manifestation on Earth. This workshop invites a broad spectrum of people to participate; the level of shamanic practices will be dialed up or down depending on who is in the circle.

The Creative Voice 1:  We embark on a thoughtful, spirit-filled and safe exploration and healing around our relationships with our voices. We identify sources of strength and support for our voice and self expression, as well as identify and clear obstacles in the way of full expression. We use family and soul constellation work, shamanic journeying, and creative visualization and vocalization to manifest our shifts.

The Creative Voice 2– Our capacities to listen, receive information, and channel power and wisdom to Earth through sound and song, expand. Exciting! We vibrate at a new level! Singing journeys, Catching songs, Song doctoring. This is you finding your shamanic voice at a deeper level, perhaps with a more focused engagement. These skills can be used in our every day personal as well as professional life. If more We delve into extraction, filling, adjusting our thoughts, beliefs, energies in the world. Dissolution, reformation through word and sound. Deeply personal and freeing experiences that use shamanism as a framework.  If you are an advanced (returning) student you will deepen your skills and provide insight and mentoring for other course members. Separate breakout rooms provide tailored learning and healing experiences for all.

Read how Zoom is providing a rich environment for this work.

This Shamanic Sound Healing Training Will Assist You To:

Come into a more potent vibrational relationship and exchange with our helping Spirits and the Divine

When we make sound with our voices in particular, our whole physicality vibrates. We are acutely alert, listening, feeling Spirit move through us as we pray, bless, thank, engage in healing. This training helps one become an instrument that responds to and converses with the divine realms through intentional sound.

Prepare our energy field, mind, body, soul, and sacred spaces for our healing ceremonies

As we step into the healing hoop, we can comfortably, confidently, powerfully use sound—singing, toning, chanting, speaking, rattling, drumming, bowling– to energetically open to, charge with, and channel currents of spiritual power and wisdom.

Change our states of consciousness for accessing NOR

We become more comfortable (and deeply intrigued!) with using our voices to entrance us and others. We learn how follow our voice into our journeys.

Amplify the effectiveness and potency of our shamanic healing procedures** through knowledgeable and effective use of intentional vibratory frequencies (especially our voices) .

We focus especially on creating a partnership between our voices, and other instruments, and learn new dimensions and textures to the compassionate universe in which we do our healing and learning.

Tap into the wise, vibrating, creative universe to manifest new fruitful matrices, structures, circumstances, realities, formations of energy and matter.

We become attuned to our powerful energetic self, both individuated from and blended with the Divine, serving as a conduit, antennae, instrument for change through intentional, spirit-guided sound.

**Specific Activities in Shamanism Enhanced by Our Freely Making of Intentional Sound:

Invocation and powering up –singing or making sound to pray, bless, thanking

Journeying—singing and/or sound-rich journeys, vocally driving our journeying activate pathways, streams, currents of healing energy that might otherwise lay dormant. We travel deeper inward and outward as the vibrating universe matches our vibrational emanations to collaborate in illumination and transformation.

Extraction–Using spirit-guided sound to break up, dispel, shift, digest, force out fixated dense energies;

Thoughtform and curse unraveling: using sound waves that travel backwards, forward and sideways in time and space to dig out and transform structures of thought and cosmic/karmic entrapments/entanglements;

Compassionate spirit release: creating protective space, concentrating the beings’ energy and “belongings”, and (especially with singing bowls) creating vortices of Light and power to accompany the influx of healing light and the departure of beings.

Soul Retrieval—tenderizes the soul prior to receiving, escorts the soul parts home and integration process.



March 20 @ 9:30 am
March 21 @ 4:30 pm
$90 – $175