“You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for sharing all the information that you do it is so helpful to understand where some of this comes from and to really feel and watch you lead by Spirit. Your humor and humbleness are a tribute to your who you are and where you come from.”
CR, sound class student, lodge participant
“I credit our work together with the transformation of my relationship with my Mom. We’ve been in regular contact that has been characterized by mutual appreciation and laughter. She visited two weekends ago. Our time together was better than ever. I’m able to see “the person” she is without focus on her previous “negative” impacts on me.”
JL, Client
I have many words to describe how amazing my experience in our sound classes have been. I can think of a few, profound, expanding, healing, truth uncovering, mind blowing. I have a feeling of joy and love and beauty in my heart for all that we went through since I first joined your class last Fall. I remember thinking I had to join sound class, because it truly was the one thing that was in my way at the time and one of my biggest fears and looooookkkkk!!!! I broke through the barriers and healed so much!

It was truly special being at Hidden Lake in such a beautiful container, and I appreciated the small class. It was really intimate and special. It truly felt like a safe place for us to bare our vulnerabilities, heal and be healing. So THANK YOU! I also appreciated that some days things just organically unfolded based on what was happening in the moment, because it felt like everything was happening right place, right time and with complete synchronicity!

I know in my heart and soul that sound healing is in my DNA, and through your facilitation I have met the medicine woman who meets with me and guides me and gives me the songs! Which leads me to the answer of how I feel that I am different in the world since I started with you back in Sept. I feel closer to my true self and closer to the direction of my calling. I have had many dreams over this past year and also been shown in different journeys that I will be working with you specifically.

Thank you for giving me tools that my allies are using, it really does feel like it is helping! Again, so much swirling gratitude for you and your presence in my life. And thank you specifically for these last 10 months of truly life changing experiences!

Aimee Traeden, student
“You may remember the animal that came to me in the healing session with you was the Red Tail Hawk. Well, I did lots of research on that after- some of which I really get and some of which I KNOW will be revealed in time. What’s interesting is that since then, Red Tail Hawks come visit me frequently. I had never even seen on before in my life. Now they just swoop way down, close to me, make sure I see them and then fly away or even stay perched up high just watching me. It’s a trip. Even makes a believe out of my skeptic wife. 🙂 I love it. So, I know I’m not alone and I love that. ”
RP, client.
” I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your way of sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you for your amazing class and Thank you for the soul retrieval – I feel like I am on top of the mountain! The tribal healing was so powerful and awesome. What a great honor to be in that circle. You were amazing! Looking forward to seeing you soon.”
CT, sound class student, client
“It was a pretty amazing day yesterday. I have taken some time today to think about some of the details and images that I experienced ~ I feel amazing. Even with some things that are happening around me and my loved ones right now, I felt it easier to get re-grounded and stay calmer about it. Thank you so much for helping me find this part of me and experience these wonderful journeys.”
MB, client
“I am doing great after our weekend together. Sounds and songs are coming to me often, and I find myself using music to connect to spirit in a way I didn’t previously understand. Sound healing even found its way into a session I was giving to a patient last week. Big changes for sure! I am so grateful. Thank you for your beautiful teaching and guidance, and for facilitating the opening of this door for me.”
KM, sound class student
“I am greatly shifted. Yes. In my first days back in “real life” I’ve actually had two different people who didn’t know about my healing, or the retreat, comment about “my energy” being noticeable. This gave me a thrill that I kept to myself. I’ve noticed a lightness of being and a sense of peacefulness like I’ve never felt before. I must be cleared, because it feels a little bit like emptiness, but not loss or sadness. It’s more like an openness. At the same time I feel light, I do feel physically tired. But I also notice an improvement in my peripheral vision! What’s that about? 🙂 I also took pause when my dentist made a rather random reference to shamans while he was putting in a permanent crown yesterday morning (I hadn’t told him a thing about my weekend). ”
DP, client
“As you know I new nothing about sound healing. This was a wonderful learning experience.I have some confidence and feel that the confidence will grow as I put sound healing in practice. I really appreciated all of the exercises we practiced. I really appreciated being able to sit in the middle of the floor and play with each bowl.It was like getting aquainted with a new friend. Singing our journey’s out loud for our partner was very powerful.Using our drums a long with the sounds that came from our inner being, sometimes we were quit loud and others times very gentle sweet sounds came and sometimes very very funny sounds. Laughter and tears and many emotions were a part of our songs. Giving and receiving sound healing was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. I had a major healing at the very end of our sound intensive for which I am so grateful for.Also we built a very safe trusting container of love among us,thanks to Lauri.”
MS, sound class student
“The experiences of this past weekend greatly improved my confidence in my ability to surrender to spirit in transmitting healing energies using sound. I never knew what was going to come out of my mouth or what I would be guided to do – and it was great. The practice of surrendering to spirit to meet the needs of the person in front of me is something that has become increasingly stronger over the last year. This weekend added a whole new level of expression to this practice.”
HW, sound class student
“I am filled with love, light and beauty from this amazing weekend spent with you all. I want you all to know how deeply I was moved to be met with such kindness and grace. I appreciate, deeply, how easily and honestly you shared yourselves with me. The experience lives and thrives in my heart and I feel it moving through me in my thoughts and actions. I feel blessed.”
MW, sound class student
“What a wonderful experience. It was my first lodge and part of a bigger picture in my life of reconnecting with Nature. That journey is entwined with many things, past relationships and part of a larger, karmic past that has yet to fully unfold. The sense of community and spirit that existed last night will stay with me. It’s part of the journey that is taking me to new, exciting places. I thank you for your perfect stewardship of the experience and the energy and light you bring to what you do. Your voice was a beacon of light while sitting in the dark. I appreciate the balance you put into the experience – laughter, respect, seriousness and caring. I look forward to being part of other such journeys with you.”
RH, lodge participant
“It was a gift of timely blessing to be at the drumming circle. Amazing it was as well, to encounter another being who so actively uses voice as a vehicle of healing. I look forward to more circles.”
LT, drum circle participant
“There have been some substantial shifts in my perspective and where I’m directing my energy on stuff that previously felt “entrenched”, especially around the house situation, and also how I was (dis)orienting myself to my previous partner. Indeed, it does feel as though I’ve been able to “take flight” and see the bigger picture and patterns at work here”
JS, client
“I am grateful for your gift of connection and for sharing it with me today. It is an honor to have you witness my journey. It is one I hope we can continue to take together. By the way, as I was driving up the driveway to leave, I stopped and got out to take some pictures of that amazing cedar tree. When I turned to get back in my car, I looked up and saw a hawk circling directly overhead… 🙂 ”
LB, Client