2020 Events

2020 COURSES (First Semester)

February 1 – June 20

Gateway to Shamanic Sound Healing: A Five-Month Course


Saturdays 10am – 4 pm

February 1, March 7, April 4, May 2, June 20. 10 am-4 pm Saturdays: $395/$250 returning participants.

The overarching goal of this course is to support you in adding more intentional spirit-guided sound to your everyday life for manifesting and wellness, and to any healing modalities (shamanism, Reiki, body work, eg.) you may be engaged in for more potent transformation and results. Purely experiential, we engage in exercises, processes and ceremonies that are designed to help you: rediscover and feel more confident using your voice as powerful creative sound healing instruments; expand your abilities to listen to and form new and deeply satisfying relationships with sound healing allies; enhance your abilities to use sound to channel spiritual power and wisdom for the purpose of enlivenin

This course is part of the LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism’s curriculum for advanced degree programs.

February 2 – June 7

The Quickening – Advanced Shamanic Sound Healing: A Five- Month Course–CURRENTLY IN SESSION

Sundays 10am – 4 pm

February 2, March 8, April 5, May 3, June 7: $280

This course provides a forum for creative experimentation and discussion in the art and mechanisms of shamanic sound healing. People who have taken Shamanic Sound Healing with me or have the equivalent types of training delve into advanced techniques and initiations. This study group and support circle is perfect for continuing to add sound to your shamanism, connecting with your spirits and their information encoded in the sounds channeling through you, and advanced work with clients.

February 9

Soul and Family Constellations–CONVENED

Sunday 10 am – 5 pm: $55

This elegant, efficient and inspiring modality of transformation helps us to create shifts in the energetics of our relationships with a broad array of things in our life’s system that affect our soul’s expression (Soul Constellations), or aspects of our life that might be affected by hidden family dynamics (Family Constellations). 

March 22

Imbuing Objects & Spaces

with Sound: For Ceremony, Healing, and Every Day Upliftment

Sunday 10 am – 5 pm: $85

Now offered as a Zoom Course

This is now a Zoom Course, which offers an added richness:
to heighten our capacity to really listen, and hear
to have inspired, spontaneous access to objects for imbuing
for attuning to, honoring, and sending intentional loving vibrations to the “Genus Loci” of your home or work (Overarching Spirit of the structure of your location).
We also learn to attune to each other on the etheric, telepathic plains, and connect with and utilize the wisdom and power of “techno-beings”, the spirits in our electronic devices.

This one-day work shop is perfect for people who are:
—Developing personal and professional healing altars
—Wanting to empower the spaces they live and work in
—Developing power objects for Regalia and other healing ceremonies
—Raising the vibration of everything physical around them.

Everyday simple practices will be explored and experimented with, as well as going deeper into some ceremonial and healing practices, congruent with and applicable to any healing modality—reiki, massage, art, shamanism, conscious living.
Open heart
phone or laptop or computer with internet.

April 13, 27, 
May 11, 18
June 1, 15

Shamanic Sound Healing Semi-weekly Zoom Course 

We will TELECOMMUNE together, and practice skills and expand our capacity to transmit and receive spirit-guided sound.

We will add power and intelligence to our every day and professional practices in energy medicine (shamanism, sound healing, Reiki, body work, Naturopathic healing, etc. through experiences:

experimenting with different invocation methods;

doing singing and sound journeys;

bringing sounds and songs in from the divine through channeling and communing with the spiritual realms.

working with the spirits of our drums, rattles, singing bowls, etc.

learning how to transmit and receive using intention, the open heart, spiritual listening, and our spirit guides, power animals and other divine helpers.

Key focus will be on our voice and how to use it to manifest, create, communicate with and on behalf of the Divine.

When: Monday evenings 6:30-9:30
April 13, 27
May 11, 18
June 1, 15
Where: Your place
We meet, share, then get to work, calling in spiritual help, journeying, singing, experimenting, all for our upliftment and that of Earth.

April 18-19

Journey Through Our Chakraspheres

Saturday ($105) or Saturday & Sunday ($195)  Both Days 10 am – 5 pm: 

All of the chakral energies of all of our lifetimes can be accessed by going into our chakrasphere—the 8th chakra that resides above our heads. This chakra is where our soul’s akasha is stored, and from which all chakral energies flow out at each incarnation. Creative engagement with our chakrasphere provides a new perspective and significant more information. This can help guide us as we interpret and seek to heal the chakral imprints and energies of all of our chakras, as they are expressing in this livingness. When we journey through the chakrasphere with this more expansive landscape of chakral history, new awareness and transformative potential is realized.

Through journeying and vibrational meditation, sensing, and visualization, we can gain a new understanding of our chakral health and more global dynamics. With this perspective and new information, we can then employ sound healing and shamanic healing to bring about the shifts needed to reinvigorate, balance, and empower our chakras for sustained well-being, manifestation and spiritual development. We can discover imprints that are in our chakras from this and past lifetimes, clear impeding ones, and enliven supportive ones.

Dyad, triad, individual and whole group work allow a lovely unfolding of shamanic sound work, visioning, and energetic reconfiguration. Shamanism meets sound healing and other energy medicine modalities as we shift, transform, feel better, make strides in our wellbeing and dream making.

April 25-26

Love, Earth: Nature Divination

Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 5 pm: $195

We invite the spiritual energies of nature into our own energy field and attune to them in a deep, shamanic way. We then surrender to an exchange of knowledge and power with them.  We expand our creativity to receive their gifts, and at the same time, offer them ours.  

We all have had experiences utilizing emmissaries from the natural world –through sightings, tarot cards, etc, as omens, signs, messages that provide direction, advice, insight about questions we have in our hearts. Here we dive more deeply into feeling the spiritual energies of nature in our own energy field. AND, being guided to make an exchange with nature. Not just taking information or knowledge, but also giving back. 

Did you know that trees, birds,  and other nature beings love it when we tell them a story or sing to them? Even that tree you see from your window, your house plant, clouds, dew drops on  your lawn want to be in exchange with you. We work on removing preconceptions about our relationships with nature and really listen, activating new ways of interpreting what we are sensing, and practicing in the joining with nature beings, without a request of them. Enjoying a simple act of reading a love letter to a stone or tree…we give great thanks to our Earth partners in this way.

May 9

You, Your Ancestors and The Knowing Field

Saturday 10 am – 5 pm: $65

This day of “Constellations as Ceremony” is a blend of family constellations and sound-rich shamanic ritual. We reconnect with our ancestors in the Knowing Field—where everything that ever is, was, or will be can be known. Its’ connection to Non-ordinary reality is uncanny and unfathomable. 

Classic Family Constellations meet Shamanic Sound Healing to provide a forum to free ourselves from transgenerational entanglements—hidden family loyalties that can bind us and affect our life circumstances and behavior. We step into the Knowing Field with an issue or intention to be addressed. We invite others to “stand in” as representatives, to embody different people, places, or things that are relevant for the intention. We then surrender to the wisdom of the knowing field and allow its energetic akasha to move the representatives around. As the constellation evolves, those movements come into the freest, most ascended configuration in the fabric of our family soul at this time, reflective of the resolution needed.

Depending on how many people attend and the flow of the day, you may have the opportunity to have a constellation* done for you. The first people to register will be given priority. There will be general constellations, small group constellations, and *single seeker constellations facilitated. You will have an opportunity to experience shifts and transformation whether you are a seeker or a representative–part of someone else’s constellation. 

May 23

Birding By Ear / Bird Language

Saturday 8 am – 5 pm: $110

This magical day is dedicated to the winged ones–what sounds they are making, and what they are saying. We begin with some easy-to-use tools and techniques for “birding by ear”–the art of listening to, remembering and recalling the songs and calls of bird species. We learn how to create “handles”–ways of remembering bird species that we hear. This tool alone is worth the price of admission! It will forever change how you experience the audio world of nature. I love being able to lay in my tent and observe my favorite bird species by knowing their distinct calls and songs. I also enjoy 60-mile-an-hour birding in my car, or birding while riding my bike. You ability to listen will be greatly advanced, which will change a lot of other things about life.


Then, we go deeper into Bird language–tracking bird sounds over time and space, and learning what these sounds mean. The 5 voices of birds (calling, singing, territorial squabbling, begging, alarming) are distinctive and convey much about the dynamics of the ecosystem in the moment. We will learn more about these, and how to interpret them.

Another layer deeper still, we will learn how to use bird language to diagnose and shift our states of consciousness. How bird language changes over time and space in our presence reveals much about how loud or peaceful our thoughts and energy broadcast is, and provides us a new kind of “biofeedback” we can benefit from to regain a state of centered, grateful state of peace.

Registration coming shortly. Email Lauri to get on the attendance list.

May 24

Communion and Conversations with Trees

Sunday 10 am – 5 pm: $95

When was the last time you read a poem to a tree? These masters of manifestation emissaries of the divine, contribute to our wellbeing, akasha, and health of the Earth. They delight in our engagement with them. They are at the center of many ceremonies and cosmologies of Earth. During this day, we surrender deeply into partnership with the Standing Ones, and exchange gifts with them.

Registration coming shortly. Email Lauri to get on the attendance list.

June 14

The Talk of Chakras

Sunday 10 am – 5 pm: $95

Giving Voice to Our Chakras for Self-Realization and Self-Healing. This is an opportunity to experience your chakras in a whole new way, opening up an active vocal dialogue with them. You may have engaged in the scanning and or energetic clearning of chakras before. In this day of energy medicine, we give voice to our chakras, portals to your soul and your whole well-being. We open to their full expression and converse with them. As we reflect and intuit gifts and glitches in our chakras, we free up the stuck energy and obscuring inclusions therein, and expand out into the world more freely and healthily.

Registration coming shortly. Email Lauri to get on the attendance list.