2021 Events & Classes

SoulNote’s offerings, my offerings from my heart, continue to resonate through the magic of Zoom. We connect potently and with heart & soul.

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we are spectacularly able to co-create sound magic, wellness, well-being, expansion using Zoom.

Sound Journey Circles

May 28th, June 11th & 25th

Friday night 6:30 pm -9:00 PST

Cost – Free

Enjoy an opportunity to connect with community, the spirits, in a fruitful joyful way. We open the gateways to Divine Assistance together through shamanic journeying and sound healing. In Zoom-enabled community we connect with each other and our helping spirits–seen and unseen, known and unknown. On a guided sound-rich journey or two, we can gain insight about, and experience useful shifts for, manifesting new year aspirations, yearnings, healing intentions. We may work with a power animal, a human-formed spirit or other compassionate sources of Divine assistance. We may hum, chant, tone, sing, privately, together. All for our upliftment and that of our friends, family, community, country, Earth. 
This is a great circle for bringing personal issues for resolution, illumination, as well as a good way to get to know me, SoulNote, LightSong, and Shamanic Sound Healing.
Please RSVP, and I will send you a Zoom link and some suggestions for preparation. 

Fall Course Schedule

Stay Tuned!

Among the Courses coming this fall:
Creative Sound–Everyday Vibrational Energy Medicine
Gateway to Shamanic Sound Healing–Adding Sound to Shamanic Healing (First level practices)
Advanced Sound Healing (deeper inquiry)
Sound & Reiki 


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