Utilize the ability of quartz crystals to hold and broadcast a “program”…an intention or prayer. The crystal in the bowl meets with the vibrations of your crystalline nature, and carries the healing vibrations through its resonance, into your being, along with the loving singing of the practitioner playing the bowl. The sound of the bowl “entrains” your energy system and helps to vibrate outward the energies not in alignment with your true self, and channel inward divine high frequencies that nourish your soul.


Are made of 7 different metals to vibrate the 7 chakras and most are lovingly made by hand. Their sounds help unwind energy matrices and thought forms. Like lasers, these bowls finely extract dense energies and insert high vibrational qualities, accompanied by the user’s intention  and singing heart.


The shaman’s drum is the horse that carries them into the spirit realms where they commune with the helping ones, and carry back their healing power and wisdom. The monotonous beating sound of the drum induces a shift in consciousness where non-ordinary realities can be accessed. People feel a profound sense of familiarity when they hear the drum beating in this way. The drum is also the ceremonial singer’s beloved partner in sacred song and helps them carry the medicine of the songs to Earth from the star nation.


Rattles help to create a shift in consciousness for communing with the spirits. Rattles also charge the healing or ceremonial space with vibrant energy; they help break up energy patterns and dispel dis-ease, impediments, obscurations and generally bad ju ju.


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Nourish your soul through vibrant, intentional sound. Your council of helping spirits, angels, devas, and power animals await you!