What do we do in our Sound Classes, Sessions and Circles?

We Always:

Create an intentional, intimate hoop by checking in with each person so we can all hold each other’s healing intentions (INTENTIONALITY);

Use sacred sound to invoke, channel in divine power and wisdom to create a safe spirit-filled container for experimenting with healing techniques and experiencing  deep change (SAFETY);

Bring consciousness and empowerment to our relationship with our voice as creative, manifesting force in our lives (OUR DIVINE VOICE);

Notice and build on our innate ability to invite spirit to flow through us via intentional, heart-felt sound, feeling and connecting with Spirit viscerally, deeply (CHANNELING ABILITIES);

Experiment with and experience “getting out of the way” letting power and wisdom move through us for our and others’ benefit (A BALANCED DANCE WITH EGO).

We often:

Begin with a foundational journey to connect with the spirit world and find out what they would like, need from us (SPIRIT REALM EXPLORATION);

Connect with the spirits of sound healing instruments–drums, rattles, bells, singing bowls– exploring and experimenting with them as collaborators with our sacred voices (COLLABORATION WITH SACRED SOUND-MAKING SPIRITS);

Listen to each other and spirit simultaneously, and vocalize together in dyads, triads, the whole circle, to bring power, information, shifts, changes, healings to each other and the Earth (“ACQUIRING THROUGH A’CHOIRING”);

Participate in iniatory ceremony for creating significant personal change (ceremony of the Hollow bone, Celtic Soul Retrieval, Medicine Wheel Walk, the Sound Gauntlet, A Walk in the Woods Soul Constellation, Day of Toning, Sweat lodge).

 All of our exercises, processes, experiences seek to:

–help us feel more vibrant, think more constructively, believe in the spirit-guided magic we create and have unlimited access to;

–deepen our connection to our helping spirits and notice their workings and manifestations in our lives;

–free constrictions and build power and belief in our voices—even in everyday communication and relating;

–enhance our abilities to bring healing to ourselves and others, the Earth, shamanically or otherwise.

More specifically: We do many different kinds of experiential processes and guided activities that help expand our awareness, insight into and abilities for:

Invoking the spirits—using voices, bowls,rattles, bells as sound instruments, along with our heartfelt intention to call in compassionate benevolent spirits into our learning and healing hoop;

Directing of energies in and out of the container with different kinds of sound (for safe disposal)

Connecting with & Journeying to the spirit of our drum, merging our voices with our drum; learning more about the vibrational energies of our drums—its unique power to alter our states of consciousness, and its partnership with our voices;

Connecting with & Journeying to the spirits of rattles, bowls, bells so that our voices may form a powerful collaboration with these great beings for healing;

Using sounds to extract dense energies, thought-forms, hitch-hiking spiritual energies; to break up energetic and physical structures that impede our healing, dim our light, obscure progress on our path;

Using different kinds of sounds to attract and fill with divine power and wisdom, enriching our energy systems (body-mind-soul continuum) with energetic qualities, beliefs, visions of the world, that we need for healing, progress, personal and professional development;

Using sound more proficiently to scan energy fields  (ours, others’, the room’s) and chakral systems, then to clear them of “spiritual plaque” and fill them with high frequency vibrational medicine;

Inviting  information and power to ride sound into spaces and people during ceremony, healing sessions,  sound and singing journeys;

Experiencing the divine resonance of back to back singing journeys;

Retrieving and singing power animals into people’s chakras;

Channelling nature spirits to participate in healing;

Reciting poetry for invoking power, and for doctoring others (word doctoring ala Tom Cowan);

and more…

Most of all, learning how to deeply listen. Becoming more attuned to sounds around us (birds! Coyotes! Trees In the wind, water), along with human-generated sound (especially voices, rattles, bells, drums, singing bowls) and discerning their unique qualities and healing properties that are at our command…