People have been in circle with me before can join in the exploration of new ground at the intersection of sound healing and shamanism. We co-create these ceremonies meet spiritual inquiries. Everyone contributes to the unfoldment of our adventurous research and healing experiences.

We form a safe container, uniquely created through our private yet communal spaces together; this privacy allows you to let go into your own personal experiments in making sound –sometimes with your audio off, sometimes on; sometimes for yourself, sometimes for others, Earth.

Through the magic of our physical and metaphysical web, we expand our capacity for sending and receiving intentional sound.

As a small heart-connected group (no more than 12 people) we morph into a support group, witnessing and supporting each other’s advancement in sound making, transforming, and manifesting with each other’s help and that of our spirit guides, teachers, power animals. No more than 12 people convene for this special course.

Watch how the magic unfolds, beyond our expectations, as your helping spirits orchestrate all around you your manifested intentions and heart-felt yearnings. This course is part of the LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine curriculum, providing valuable training and community time with Spirit.

October 29-31

Friday evening 6-9 pm

Saturday and Sunday 10 am- 4 pm.

Cost: $225.

We invite opportunities to…

  • Expand our abilities to use our sacred voices for creating shifts in consciousness and well-being, and setting intentions into motion
  • Be a clearer and more open channel for bringing power and wisdom to Earth
  • Connect more deeply with the spiritual realms and utilize the messages coming from them
  • Be more open to receiving and transmitting healing sound &
  • Bring more creative power and manifestation into their daily lives through sound &

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