Sound & Reiki Circles

Fall 2021 

Every Other Tuesday. 

1:00-3:00 pm PST

October 5th, 19th; November 2nd, 16th, 30th; December 14th.


As a carrier wave of intention, sound augments and makes more potent our transmission of Reiki. These informal gatherings help people explore the synergy of sound and Reiki through direct experience. We may chant or tone symbols, invoke our helpers with our voices, and/or experiment with different instruments as partners to our divine streams of Reiki power and wisdom.

We will address issues that are top-of-the-heart for you and others in the circle, so we can send potent healing and manifest ascended states for all, Earth.

Please Email me to let me know you will be participating.

Please be able to arrive early (12:50) to check connectivity, to chat informally.

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 815 6652 4411

Passcode: 92999

To listen to some intentional healing sound in action, go to my soundcloud page: