Shamanic Sound Journey Circles

2023 Second Semester:

Friday evenings  6:30 -8:30 pm Pacific

October 6th

October 20th

November 17th



Shamanic Sound journey circles provide an opportunity to connect with community, the spirits, in a fruitful joyful way. And it’s free. Indeed, an invitation to surrender to the power and wisdom of shamanic journeying process made more rich and potent by intentional, spirit-guided sound.

When we incorporate vibrations made with heart and aided by our helping compassionate spirits, we enhance the potency and depth in the transmissions of healing that occur during shamanic journeying. I may be the only one making sound, or you may jump in and experiment in the comfort of your own sacred space. This is an invitation, an exploration to dip into the divine to support you in solving problems, changing habits, refocusing the mind on fruitful pathes. Especially around reconcilliation of opposites with us, and the building of bridges that is needed at this time.

We gather in Zoom-enabled community where we connect with each other and our helping spirits–seen and unseen, known and unknown. These beings are excited and await us as we gather together. We touch into our yearning for support, sharing our healing intentions and looking into the compasionate universe together. We then embark on a guided journey to gain insight about, and experience useful shifts for, manifesting our healing intentions. What opposites live in us that are in need of dissolution and/or reconcilliation? We may work with a power animal, a human-formed spirit or other compassionate sources of divine assistance, exploring together the shamanic landscapes for healing and wholeness. We may hum, chant, tone, sing, privately, together. All for our upliftment and that of our friends, family, community, country, Earth.

To honor the community members who have begun engaging across the globe, 2023 circles will be offered online. Renovations will continue on site at the lake through 2023. By 2024 we hope to have our sound studio back in operation with supporting facilities and grounds so that in-person courses and ceremonies can resume.

To have a fulfilling experience, it is best to have a private space where you can engage for 2.0 hrs uninterrupted.

Of course you will also need a good wifi connection, and Zoom downloaded on a device. Head phone or earbuds enhance the experience.

Read about how Zoom Mediates Sound Magic here

 Listen to a recording of a Sound Circle


Here are some suggestions for preparation.

Please set aside some sacred space and time for yourself.


A candle that can be safely lit and left while you are journeying

Something to cover your eyes.

Some object or icon that can represent you in your healed state.

Something you can use for a talking stick–it can be a rattle, a stick, a stone, a feather…

If you work with altars, set up one for you.

Or perhaps you are working on a bigger system…All are welcome.

 If you want to make your own sound during the journeys, have your own instruments at the ready. We will be on mute, so you can utilize the sounds coming from my spirits as accompaniment, a sound line, for your own singing, in the privacy of your own sacred space.

 Please log in by 6:20 to check connectivity, chat.

Zoom link for all circles:


Ecotones: A Shamanic Sound Expedition:A Rich Inquiry Into Our Edges and Boundaries

You can cue up the shamanic sound work now here

or Wait until prompted below  & hit the Play button to the left

Broad Purpose & Intention 

This series of shamanic sound experiences is meant to be an expedition into the ecology of the soul.

We engage here in a fruitful spiritual and soulful investigation into the edge or boundary between “this” and “that”--two adjacent or polar states, conditions, ideas or beliefs.

Between them there may be a solid boundary or threshold we flirt with, or a grading from one form into another. Here we look, and listen, and work with an edge or boundary that yearns for resolution or dissolution.

Ecotone: Its’ origin:

The ecological concept of ecotones has been coming in vibrational waves through the senses, during my nature journeys and everyday livingness. 

In ecology, an ecotone is defined as  a transitional area between two adjacent ecological communities (Merrium-Webster).

There exists a unique set of dynamics and characteristics of the species present and facets of the physical environment, as we move from one ecological state to another, through the ecotone, to the other state. In ecological studies of biodiversity in forests, we call these stand conditions. So there is a parallel when we address boundaries or edges in our life between “this” and “that”. 

This concept of inquiry streamed into the forefront as a result of my work my sensing and working with thresholds (A hot topic inBill Plotkin’s  SoulCraft)

Here the term ecotone can be used to denote where to any two adjacent states butt up against each other– in the mind, heart, thoughtscape, belief system, energy field, or any other aspects of our physical & metaphysical lives. 

One of My Personal Ecotones

When I used this first sound journey for myself after it was completed, I found the edge between “safe and not safe”.

As I worked with my spirits from the bird nations, this ecotone feathered into, ascended up to a third way– neutrality–a spiritual practice/mindset/life skill/ soulscape quality is-ness. We have been cultivating, merging with, inviting, whooing neutrality very intently at in LightSong’s Mystery School teachings and learning experiences/ceremonies. So what a beautiful weaving of messages from the Divine to help me with my fears and courageousness.

Birds as Emissaries of the Divine: Singing Hearts on wings

We ask for help from compassionate spirits from the Bird Nations. Birds life our eyes from the heavy Earth to the sky with their glorious choruses, laments, and excitations! Their power of flight assists us to rise, and see our soul’s landscape from their bird’s eye…with eagle vision, a different, higher perspective.

Power and Practice of Part 1 of Ecotones, Edges & Boundaries:

This part 1 of the Shamanic Sound Journey Ceremony initiates us into the power of sound and spirit which we invite to help us discover and transform edges, boundaries, ecotones. 

First, the invitation: The Invocation–Calling in the bird nations. You can include any of your known, vetted compassionate spirits. Rattle, sing, hum, drum, or simply vibrate with intention. INTENTION IS EVERYTHING. As close as you can get toa sense of love of your soul, and connection with your ability to hear your heart yearning...Call forth to the compoassionate universe!

There is an opportunity to make offerings, a simple altar, add to your own. You can pause the audio if so moved to do some listening and finding altar items and offerings.

Then we are propelled on a Sound-empowered Spirit-guided journey. My (Lauri’s) spirits and sounds assist us in this journey, holding the Intention to find an edge or boundary…of spiritual/mental/physical significance. It may be an abrupt line or a gradient/gradation between 2 conditions, this or that. 

The spirits will guide us to see-feel-sense-know more about a particular edge, boundary that you are needing to transform around. Nature spirits–in particular the birds–show us something surprising and important about the landscape of our soul/life and an edge that is revealed. As in forest ecology, the tree spirits may show up and reveal patterns that help us understand and sense our ecotone, as one state (“this”) fades into another state (“that”); graded or abrupt.

We engage compassionate spirits from the Bird Nations to be primary guides on this sound journey. This journey is meant to help provide a birds eye view & experience. The eagle’s view. 

Mato Lauri’s bear drum, and her Abundance (G) crystal bowl, along with lakeside birds Lauri recorded in July 2020 provide sonic drivers, cleansers, fillers, songs, spirits all!

We ask for trust that Lauri’s guiding ones will collaborate with yours in the biggest way, and support you in your own experience.  Journey and use the sounds coming through me (Lauri), my instruments, you, your instruments, our altars, to inspire curiosity!

Ask the spirits that you be surprised!



Take a moment to breathe, contemplate...

Be comfortable, and make your space safe to do whatever you are guided to do!

If you are guided to set up a simple altar. and/or gather offerings.

Do not worry if you dont cant wont its all good!!

Play Sound Track 

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Come back; have some water, stretch. 

Walk around. Then write. 

What did you notice? 

How did that make you feel? 

What do you think this means–what story are you telling yourself about it?

Feel free to send writings of contemplation and sensation and manifestation, or whatever is in your heart.


Part 2 coming shortly!



Come back; have some water, stretch. 

Walk around. Then write. 

What did you notice? 

How did that make you feel? 

What do you think this means–what story are you telling yourself about it?

Feel free to send writings of contemplation and sensation and manifestation, or whatever is in your heart.


Part 2 coming shortly!