Sound Journey Circles

2022 first semester:

April 15th, May 20th, June 17th

Friday evening  6:30 -8:30 pm PST


Sound journey circles provide an opportunity to connect with community, the spirits, in a fruitful joyful way. And it’s free. Indeed, an invitation to surrender to the power and wisdom of shamanic journeying process made more rich and potent by intentional, spirit-guided sound.

When we incorporate vibrations made with heart and aided by our helping compassionate spirits, we enhance the potency and depth in the transmissions of healing that occur during shamanic journeying. I may be the only one making sound, or you may jump in and experiment in the comfort of your own sacred space. This is an invitation, an exploration to dip into the divine to support you in solving problems, changing habits, refocusing the mind on fruitful pathes. Especially around reconcilliation of opposites with us, and the building of bridges that is needed at this time.

We gather in Zoom-enabled community where we connect with each other and our helping spirits–seen and unseen, known and unknown. These beings are excited and await us as we gather together. We touch into our yearning for support, sharing our healing intentions and looking into the compasionate universe together. We then embark on a guided journey to gain insight about, and experience useful shifts for, manifesting our healing intentions. What opposites live in us that are in need of dissolution and/or reconcilliation? We may work with a power animal, a human-formed spirit or other compassionate sources of divine assistance, exploring together the shamanic landscapes for healing and wholeness. We may hum, chant, tone, sing, privately, together. All for our upliftment and that of our friends, family, community, country, Earth.

To have a fulfilling experience, it is best to have a private space where you can engage for 2.0 hrs uninterrupted.

Of course you will also need a good wifi connection, and Zoom downloaded on a device. Head phone or earbuds enhance the experience.

Zoom link for all circles:

Passcode: 92999

Here are some suggestions for preparation.

Please set aside some sacred space and time for yourself.


A candle that can be safely lit and left while you are journeying

Something to cover your eyes.

Some object or icon that can represent you in your healed state.

Something you can use for a talking stick–it can be a rattle, a stick, a stone, a feather…

If you work with altars, set up one for you.

Or perhaps you are working on a bigger system…All are welcome.


If you want to make your own sound during the journeys, have your own instruments at the ready. We will be on mute, so you can utilize the sounds coming from my spirits as accompaniment, a sound line, for your own singing, in the privacy of your own sacred space.


Please log in by 6:20 to check connectivity, chat.

Read about how Zoom Mediates Sound Magic here

 Listen to a recording of a Sound Circle