Sound Lab: LightSong Community Enrichment 








Vision for Sound Lab

Sound Lab seeks to provide opportunities for enrichment of LightSong educational, spiritual, and community endeavors, particularly at the interface between shamanism and sound healing.

Together we cultivate capacity to bring song and sound back as it was traditionally practiced in shamanism. We step more deeply into communion with our spirits in non-ordinary reality through vibrational energy, expanding through the metaphysics of Sound as Spirit. All of our endeavors together move us potently towards living in the mission of the shaman as a conduit for love, light, divine energies for healing self, others, Earth.

Goals of Sound Lab

People will gain an advanced ability to:

     1) experience potent dialogue with their Spirits;
     2) use their sacred voice, and  
     3) attune to and experience Spirit through sound.

What is Sound Lab?

Shamanic sound healer Lauri Shainsky (LightSong Council Member, Song carrier, and Associate Teacher) developed Sound Lab to support students in Level 2, Level 3, LMSA and advanced LightSong classes in developing their abilities to add more sound and song to their shamanism. These fun and exploratory community circles offer a joyful space and helpful guidance for (re)discovering and strengthening our shamanic voices for manifesting healing and learning. It also brings a deeper sensitivity and attention to sacred vibrations that carry spiritual healing and information into our ceremonies, sessions, life. And, you can enjoy an opportunity to connect with other community members outside of their structured classes.

All Sound Lab activities, ceremonies and events enrich LightSong education and community through experiential exploration, ritual, community, reflection & discussion.


Lauri cultivates provides a safe environment to explore, experiment and practice using your voice, working with your drums and rattles, and coming into relationship with all of these precious healing instruments. Zoom is awesome for allowing you the privacy to make as much sound as you want, as you will be in your own sacred space, with your audio off, using the sounds that flow from Lauri and her altar’s spirits and instruments.

These explorations empower you to strengthen your unique voice, allowing your own original songs to come through you, to support your shamanic work (such as songs for Calling in the Spirits, your personal Power Song, and spoken toned or chanted invocations).

These zoom-mediated gatherings also help you experience deep audio driven spiritual-energetic-vibrational encounters with Spirit (seen and unseen, known and unknown, formed, unformed).

Everything we do in Sound Lab promotes and encourages greater perception & awareness of patterns in shamanic energies that are made more tangible, sensed and experienced as streams of sound and song.

Traditionally, shamanism has always been rich with sound. Sound carries intention, changes our states of consciousness, organizes energy and matter. Indeed, vibration is the very fabric of the universe. Shamans have used sound to entrance themselves and transport themselves into Non-Ordinary Reality. This change of consciousness was achieved using their voices, drums, rattles, bells, etc. Sound healing research has shown how intentional sound creates transformations in the body, neurology, biochemistry, and structural matter. When we engage spirit in the process these effects are more expansive, precise, accurate and far-reaching.  We can sense these kinds of changes as we move, shake, vibrate in the sounds we are making and receiving .

Upcoming Sound Lab Dates

All Sound Labs convene on Sundays, 1-3:30 pm Pacific time:

Sunday, April 24th

Sunday, May 22nd

Sunday, June 26th

Sunday, July 10th

Sunday, August 28th

(Dates in later 2022 TBA)

Who can Attend?

People enrolled in Level 2, Level 3, LMSA and advanced LightSong classes can attend.

How To Get The Most Out of Sound Lab Experiences

People are invited to feel free to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable with—from listening/receiving/perceiving/while lying on the couch, floor, chair— to— moving around, listening—-to —-making sound by rattling, drumming, singing, toning, chanting, humming.

For the most potent experience, prepare by:

Setting up an altar—listen, feel, choose and place in a special area physical objects that anchor metaphysical power and wisdom from your spirits. A candle.

Powering up—connecting with your helping spirits.

Optionally—journey to ask “how might I most effectively, lovingly expand with the experiences presented to me?” Or “what most do I need right now that Sound Lab can help facilitate?”

Have available: a journal, drum, rattle, eye covering, other sound instruments if you have them (and they start talking to you).


How to Attend

Sound Labs are offered free to the community.

Prerequisites: enrolled in Lv2 or have completed Lv2 studies.

Please RSVP to Lauri


Have the following items handy if you have them: Mindfold, journal, drum or rattle or any sound healing instruments you might have. Your altar, sense of humor and curiosity.

Our Zoom link for all Sound Labs:

Meeting ID: 849 0958 8801

Passcode: 92999